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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Igor Burtsev and The Patterson Film on its Anniversary

Igor Burtsev recently posted a new album on his Facebook wall:

Patterson-Gimlin Film Studied in Russia in 1970s till now

Updated on Sunday [September 30]

This album dedicated to 45th Anniversary of Patterson-Gimlin film of October 20, 1967
[Reprinted with Permission]

Rene Dahinden while in Moscow on Dec 1971/ Me [Igor] sitting. Bayanov, Koffman, Rene standing
To the frame at the top, Igor added the note "This frame first had attracted our attention, nobody in America noticed it that time" and I then said "Well *I* for one noticed it" and I went on to explain:
 "What I always refer to in this frame is the fact that the cranium is far too small to fit a normal human head into, which would have been the case of a man wearing a suit. A man in a suit cannot have a smaller head inside the suit than when he has it off (Be careful of the green/brown color break on the back profile, too: the size of the head is even less than it seems at first)"
And then this one: "This is real frame from the film, not photoshopped (there was not at that time), just made with more light in photo-enlarger. You can see here the face features"
[Part of the darkened area behind the neck and shoulders is due to the shadow of a log in the background and this is clearly discerned in the coloured original frame-DD]

"First sculpture created by me" [Not all sculptures shown from this series]

"Back view of my statue"[All the statues ARE very good even if I did not include them all]
"For positions in consecutive order on the single background"
"Comparing Patty with an actor in suit (left) and S. Williams"
[Patty's proportions are NOTHING like the actor in a suit]
"Face in the film close up (MK Davis)" ARTIST'S CONCEPTION
The portrait painted by Lidia Burtseva with oil colours 70x70 cm size — with Lidiya Burtseva.
Now please allow me to present some of my own extractions on the matter:

Here is the direct comparison. The fancier version invents a whole range of features which simply are not indicated in the original. The crown of the head is especially larger and fuller, these two versions are matched to the same size and position of the face. And there is no reason to assume a projecting nose or well-formed lips in the original.

P/G, the Colour Breaks. Directly from the film frame with no other modifications.
When Patty turns her head her head is also very short back-to-front. The cranium is VERY small compared to the face, well below the norm for humans. Which is actually a point in the film's
 favour, since an ordinary human skull will not fit into the space allotted

Cross section of the "Bleached" still, skull in sagittal section is indicated:
The peak of the head is directly above the rear corrner of the mandible or jaw bone, and the jaw as indicated is a fair match for Gigantopithecus. The zygomatic arch (Cheekbone) is HUGE and the jaws proportionately much larger than in the human norm. Correspondingly also the cranial capacity is very low and I would estimate it as being in the vicinity of the Homo erectus cranial capacity at most. It is an exceedingly small cranium (The size and shape are clearly indicated) and much flatter than any human skull should be above the eyes. The horizontal bar at right angles to the vertical bar indicates the normal back-to-front axis of the skull. the top sides of the skull are also indicated as steeply sloped apart near the peak.


  1. What are your thoughts on that womans claims that Bigfoot can speak? I personally think she's full of it.

  2. Sasquatch have been heard speaking many many times. there are audio recordings of them chatting to each other from various investigators. And numerous reports of general public hearing chatter coming from the woods at night. Deep voices they have. Go to youtube and Sasquatch Ontario search. He has gained the trust of a Squatch named Nephatia. a prankster young male. They communicate and have taught him some english over a period of 18 months or more. He says Flower, Mike, Marble, Tree, and brother. These are not apes. these are people. And they have their own ancient language too.

  3. There is a problem here and it is the same problem as in ANY Cryptid category: these things do not go around with signs on them saying "Im a Sasaquatch" or "Im a bear" on them: witnesses see them and witnesses say they saw a Sasquatch or a bear, or whatever. Not everything witnesses call a Sasquatch is going to be the same thing as you call a Sasquatch, and that has to be taken as given from the start. There is more than one type of thing being described by the witnesses under the same name and that holds for any category you can mention. Ivan Sanderson could discriminate five different creatures being called a "Yeti" all living in the same geographic area, and so on. (The real situation is actually worse than that, the term "Yeti" was a poor choice since it means about the same as "Boogeyman")

    I m not actually disagreeing with what you say, but I AM saying there is more than one sort of thing being called a Sasquatch by different people.

    Now, bear with me, there are people-sasquatches and animal-Sasquatches, or animals that also get called Sasquatches and get confused with the people-Sasquatches. Some are apes and some are bears, and those ones are the ones that fit under the heading "Frontiers of Zoology". The PEOPLE-Sasquatches have now been removed from this heading and currently are being discussed under the related heading of "Frontiers of Anthropology"-and notice of this was put up before I went offline without internet access for the last couple of weeks.

    I have made a point to mention that what I have found in my investigations goes to confirm that all the evidence shows there are people and there are apes, two different things, and you do not really find intermediates.

    I hope this clarifies the matter for you and that we shall not need to argue on and on about a matter that I count as already resolved and the discussion moved elsewhere.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.


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