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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Supposed Bigfoot photo from Utah

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bigfoot picture from Utah

Bigfoot in Price,Utah?
This photo surfaced a few days ago over on the BFRO Fourms , a link to the pictures was posted up by the user Hubkapp1. This is supposedly a picture of a bigfoot taken in Price,Utah. It was in a story done by Ogden Standard Examiner back in 2009. I did a quick search of the website (Here) but could not find the story. I do not know the back story or much about the photo. Most are just dismissing it as a total fake. It does appear very large and bulky,could have shoulder pads on.

Here is a zoom in on the creature

It appears pretty big, there are some things I like about the photo and a couple of things I don't.
If anyone has more info about the origin of this picture feel free to contact me.

I feel that this is an obvious fake. The body proportions are all wrong. It is possible that this is a diseased Bigfoot with a hunchback but I doubt it. The arms seem too short unless this can be attributed to the hunchback. The face is fully bearded which contradicts other eyewitness reports. Also, the chest is completely covered with hair. Most other witnesses report that the face, hands and chest are mostly hairless. There are just too many things wrong with this "creauture" for it to be a real living Bigfoot.
-For my part, I think the stance looks a little too much like the sort of stance a "Monster" in a movie might taketedly hunched back and knocked-knees, the general "caved-in" postire and the almost theatrical positioning. I find any "Bigfoot" photo suspicious when the arms look too short. But above all the "Baggy Trousers" legs that look to be the same thickness all the way down from the hips to the ankles, so that they look more like a hairy pair of pants than a set of regular legs, is better evidence of a hoax than any other single feature. And the Patterson film had the exact opposite sort of legs.
Best Wishes,  Dale D.


  1. If you look closely you can see the cuffs on the sleeves of the costume. Also the legs look like loose, hairy trousers.

  2. Yes, Exactly as I said. The Baggy Trousers effect is often the quickest way you can tell its a man in a suit: also the head will be big enough to fit a humansized head into the space allowed.

  3. I believe that this is a photograph that Darryl Smith of Salt Lake City made many years ago when he was an active researcher here in Utah. He had made a suit and was recreating many stories that he had heard in various parts of Utah. If one of his photographs escaped his possession and found it's way to the internet I would not be surprised.

    The suit looks VERY similar to photographs that I know can be attributed to Darryl. I do not believe that you could call Darryl a 'hoaxer' because he was a true believer and even had a sighting of his own up at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta.

    I believe he had made the suit and was doing these recreations in an attempt to further understand the creature.

    Darryl died a few years ago of Lou Gherig's Disease. I had the pleasure of meeting Darryl a few months before he passed away and interviewed him for almost 90 minutes. That recording of him recounting his experiences is a treasure for me.

    I believe we can put this photograph to bed now. Thanks for the memories Darryl.

  4. Thank you for your comment, that sounds very reasonable to me.


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