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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Robert Lindsay: Has the MABRC captured a Bigfoot?

Robert Lindsay: Has the MABRC captured a Bigfoot?

"Machine Gun" Lindsay is back again. This latest "news" suggest that Ed Smith, the founder of the Middle America Bigfoot Research Center (MABR), has captured a dead Bigfoot. Lindsay thinks the DNA tests results are what's holding them back from making the discovery public. Sounds crazy, right? Here's what Robert Lindsay wrote today on his blog about the rumor:

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  1. This photo has been floating around for years and no one has ever taken credit for it or provided any DNA or other evidence to prove it is real or describe how it was obtained. If these people had ever truly obtained a body, you can bet they would be parading it around in front of any news agency they could find to listen but the only ones who have done that have been notorious fakers needy for attention and the limelight even for just a moment. Just more fantasy dribble from Lindsay and his cohorts who themselves are obnoxiously needy for attention. Don't waste your time on ANYTHING they have to say, Dale.

  2. Thank you Tomahawk, I am inclined to believe you. I am certainly not going to end my friendship with Robert over this-We've been through a few hard knocks together and that counts for something; and I have yet to discuss the matter with him in any case. We have many interests in common and we commonly reinforce each other during investigations. However at times I feel like I have a rambunctious younger brother who likes getting into trouble. But to each his own. I shall not judge anybody for anything until the evidence comes in and I have a good chance to look things over.


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