I'm a biologist and NOT one of those "Crypto" people, but I can't help wondering about reports in the very deep unexplored jungles of Vietnam and the surrounding areas about small birds with teeth and a stubby tail that came from 3 well respected scientists( in 1932, '47, and '89). Feathers from the Dragon Bird are highly valued and 2 have been collected and are in the Fields Musuem of Nat'l History. No DNA work has been done on them, but an avian taxonimist had a look and could not ID the species. Until one is found alive or the whole story is debunked as tribal legend, I guess we'll never know if they are primitive birds, advanced dinos, or just tall tales. Lastly, the Chinese have used genetics to give chickens teeth, but the birds die quickly after hatching because of almost no immune systems as a result of the gene tampering. These are NOT to be confused with the chicken eggs that you can order online that develop teeth but die before being hatched.

Photograph of a small birdlike dinosaur. Details on the Vietnamese Dragon Birds (Toothed Birds) are scanty but they sound like the early dinosaur like birds including Archaeopteryx.