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Monday, 8 October 2012

Latin American Apes Again

 Some new information about apes of Latin America
The first example is a primary source that has been tracked down with a full text online:

Mahanamatz (Mahanamao) is the name given to a gorilla-like
mythical animal. This animal is also known as Sisimito, which
appears to be a Spanish word. The termination, at least, is the
Spanish diminutive.[Actually it is an Aztec word as rendered into
the usual Spanish form-DD] The Mahanamatz are slightly larger than men
and have the same features except that they are extremely hairy.
They live in rocky areas in the remotest parts of the forest, and
stand upright. However, they are said to walk with their big toes
turned backwards. The females are friendly, but the males hostile. If
a male catches one he tears one open with his huge, shaggy paws. It
is useless to shoot him, as the shot will not penetrate his thick coating
of hair. The only hope of salvation lies in setting fire to him. When
he approaches to tear one apart, one strikes a match and applies the
flame to his hairy coat which will burn up like dry tinder. The
Mahanamatz is mentioned in the legend of the Chac on page

The Sisimite would be the same as the "Yucatan Gorillas" mentioned in some accounts.

Sisemite. Note pronouncedly orangutan-like face.
The "Feet Turned Backwards" is a universal feature of
STORIES about Abominable Snowmen,
But never actually REPORTED in serious accounts
Curupira is almost exactly equivalent in Brazil
This one is possibly female? note breasts
and lack of male genitals


Mexican "Ape" Head with Acoustic function, These make a very special sound
 photo through courtesy of Facebook Friend Pearl Prihoda-Contact Information

Pearl J Prihoda /

P O Box 1186

Orting WA 98360

"Coboclos d'Agua" would be the exact equivalent of "Negros-of-the-waters" spoken of further south. Coboclos are "Mixed-bloods" that live along the Amazon.In teranthropoides really is a small ape like a siamang, it could have partial webbing between the toes (Siamangs have this) and be more temperamentally suited for swimming when the rainy season brings highwater flooding.  The face and head of the drawing do have some resemblance to the photo. The Coboclos   d'Agua overlap in range with the more orangutan-like Mapinguaris and such, and the latter are the ones that leave the "Bottlefooted" round tracks. It is also possible that this means to depict one of Tyler Stone's freshwater  monkeys           
The string of postings on Ameranthropoides on this blog begins here:
But the more important discussion is here:
The story that Montandon created a hoax for racist reasons is obviously false because the tradition about Indian females interbreeding with Monkeys and half-humans is found as far afield as Patagonia and certainly the same myths as quoted to support the notion are widespread all over South America otherwise, most of the stories being told in places by people quite unconnected with Professor  Montandon. And yes, historically most Latin-Americans have looked down on the Natives

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