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Friday, 19 October 2012

Extreme Expeditions Bigfoot Footage 9-2012

Unknown “Creature” Captured On Trail Camera

An international team has returned from investigating the creature known as Sasquatch with a clear image that two world experts have been unable to identify.
The image and accompanying 1 sec film clip was taken by a trail camera in the team’s camp at approx. 02:30 on Tuesday 4th September 2012 in the North Cascades National Park, Washington State, an area renowned for Sasquatch activity.

The team spent two weeks in the area and although they experienced a plethora of “associated” Sasquatch activity, rock-throwing, screams, unexplained noises, they objectively could not say what these incidents were caused by.

The image, however, shows an unidentifiable object situated between an extinguished campfire and two team members who were sleeping outside unaware.

The image and film clip were sent to Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University and to Ian Redmond O.B.E., a field biologist for investigation. Despite thorough analysis they have been unable to come to any conclusion on the evidence presented – but neither have they disregarded it as fake or immediately explainable.

Notes for Editors:

Extreme Expeditions Ltd (EE Ltd) who organised and participated in this expedition comprises field researchers Adam Davies and Andrew Sanderson, who have conducted worldwide research into unknown creatures for the last 14 years, most notably the Orang Pendek in Sumatra.
[There is a fairly good possibility that the creature shown by the trailcam might actually BE a closer relative to the Orang Pendek rather than to the traditional Bigfoot-DD]

The team joined with Lori Simmons, whose father, the late Donnald Wallace researched Sasquatch in this area over a period of 28 years, an area she regularly continues to investigate.

The remainder of the field team comprised: Dave Archer, who has been on a number of field expeditions and saw the Orang Pendek in 2009 - one of only a handful of Westerners to have seen this creature in the last 50 years. Tim de Frel, on his second expedition with EE Ltd. Jackie Tonks and Simon Mellor are personal friends on their first expedition with EE Ltd.

• IMAG0013 (12.25.2009 09:29:21)

I feel it is very important to advise that although the time/date stamp is incorrect on all images (showing 25/12/2009 and incorrect times) we regularly reset the settings on trailcams for both the date and the number of images/film length to shoot – but more often than not, it reset itself to its default settings and dates – we have no idea why.

However from our own knowledge of the night in question and regular events we can make a good assumption to times as explained on each image.

The purpose of this image is to show the fire and the nightime layout of the camp. Also more importantly how warm objects show up on the cameras – in this case the fire. Bottles and objects can be seen on the table which is large table and of the wooden picnic variety. You can clearly see a pair of boots to the immediate left of the table – toes pointing towards the camera and also sleeping material crumpled up.

IMAG0013 - © SES2012 All rights reserved Copyright © Sasquatch Expedition September 2012 (SES2012).
• IMAG0015 (12.25.2009 11:30:51 T+2hours)

I feel it is very important to advise that although the time/date stamp is incorrect on all images (showing 25/12/2009 and incorrect times) we regularly reset the settings on trailcams for both the date and the number of images/film length to shoot – but more often than not, it reset itself to its default settings and dates – we have no idea why.

However from our own knowledge of the night in question and regular events we can make a good assumption to times as explained on each image.

Here the same layout as above but the fire is extinguished. We can still clearly see sleeping matter and a pair of boots as per above. We know that the team retired to bed at roughly midnight as the fire was dying down and that two team members rose to use the restroom at 04:30. So from the times stamped on the camera we know that this is roughly 02:30 on the 04th September 2012.

Most importantly here we have the unknown “object” in frame. The light -coloured image to the left of the picnic table.

IMAG0015 - © SES2012 All rights reserved Copyright © Sasquatch Expedition September 2012 (SES2012).
• Reproduction 5
Using Dave Archer, the stockiest built of the team, to replicate the posture and position of the “object”. By doing this we could ascertain its position in relation to the fire area and the table and also get an indication of the size of the “object”. Dave Archer is 5’ 9”/1m 75cm high and weighs 12st 12lb/82kg. The reproduction image is shot from ground level whereas the camera trap was at a height of approximately 6 feet about ground. The newspapers used to insulate the ground for sleeping on are still clearly visible to the right of Dave. He is squatted down on his haunches looking at the area between the fire and the picnic table.

Here are the measurements of the contents of the images which may help with scale.

table length 244cm
table width 88cm
table height 73cm
table edge to BBQ 183cm
seat edge to BBQ 169cm
BBQ height 64cm
edge seat to fire pit 274cm
fire pit width 131cm
fire pit height 38cm
BBQ height 64cm

Many thanks

The Extreme Expeditions Team
Matt Bille Interesting. The re-creation by the team member helps a lot. It seems absurd that the most elusive large animal in the world would be videoed taking a stroll through a public campground with fire sites and picnic tables, but certainly bears as well as primates have been known to make the same kind of visits, and it's not a stretch that an unknown primate, even a wary one, would occasionally poke around near sleeping humans to see what might be edible. I've never been a fan of the idea sasquatch is normally nocturnal - we have no known nocturnal apes and only a few nocturnal monkeys. Again, though, humans are certainly not a nocturnal species and yet we do poke around in the dark at times. It would be interesting to do the re-creation again at the right time of night to see how bright a human being in clothing shoes up in the infrared, but you folks might have thought of this already and done it (?)

[Matt is in error. ALL of the great apes have shifted to more nighttime activity when under pressure by human encroachment into their territory]
Adam Davies, Andrew Sanderson & Carla Marshall run privately funded expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the planet, searching for evidence of new & unknown creatures. Find us at


Damian Bravo
OK here is my analysis of the the trailcam phto from the Extreme Expedition posted by Shawn.

Dale Drinnon This is very interesting. My first impression was that the head and shoulders were entirely different from the typical Bigfoot [or from Patty in the Patterson/Gimlin film] and that this was an apelike creature standing at full height and NOT kneeling down. The originating site does mention that it closely resembles a gorilla...but it could be kneeling as you state and the back of the head built up by a large hood in a costume. I might well like to reprint this in my blog but I am undecided as to what my final decision on it might be.
Dale Drinnon Incidentally I was sent notice of this photo while I was being interviewed over the phone by a representativre of one of those "Unsolved Mystery" type TV shows and we discussed the photo at that time, about noon earlier today (about 11 hours ago)
Damian Bravo Forgive my type-os put this together quickly and the program I use does nto spell check.

There is also a video which I shall post here once we have a copy posted to YouTube, and here are some comments on the video from the Extreme Expeditons copy on their FB page:

Extreme Expeditions The quality doesn't show up too well on the FB uploader so once it is on YouTube first thing tomorrow we will advise of the URL :)smile
Jason Mattick What do you guys make of the protrusion on the upper right of the creature in the latter frames? Kind of looks like a snout? [Something like a snout appears very briefly in the video footage, but it does not appear to match a bear's snout]
Extreme Expeditions To me ,the closest thing it looks like,is a Gorilla,and I have seen them wild in the Congo.Adam.
Jason Mattick Overall shape looks very gorillaish. Your cams are motion activated? And you have now posted all of the pictures with the creature in them?
David Bradford Hall I think the creature is human.....and it's in a sleeping bag....half asleep....!

Published on Oct 20, 2012 by
Recently the group on Facebook Extreme Expeditions posted a trailcam phtos which some believe is the possible back of a Bigoot. Is what we are seeing a possible photo of the elusive creature know as bigfoot. Team Tazer Bigfoot's Damian Bravo put this together and its shows some very interesting factors on the strange figure in the photos.

Category: Science & Technology

License: Standard YouTube License

"Quadruped Bigfoots" by Charles Middleton and below, another attempt to get the quadruped pose right

There is a growing subsection of "Bigfoot" reports which are different from the norm in that the creatures described are very much more apelike and they are known to leave tracks with divergent or opposed big toes and to commonly travel on all-fours, the striking portrait at the left comes from Alabama and it turned up on my photosearch intended to go with the "Hog Hunter" story previously printed on this blog. It might instead actually depict the original for the Skunk Ape,the much more apelike creature reported sporadically in the SE area of the USA. Whether or not this latest trailcam creature represented at the top part of this blog is the same as the Skunk Ape remains to be determined


  1. Lori Simmons has a life-long legacy with the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot. Her father, Donald Wallace, a real mountain man, tracked Bigfoot for 28 years through the North Cascade Mountains. Their collaborative book, Tracking Bigfoot, is a journal of their experiences looking for the elusive creature, complete with a description of a face to face encounter, footprints and hair samples that was turned over for DNA testing.

    Lori recently led another investigative team to the same area and this time they were able to obtain video footage as well as photographs of an unknown creature. The video provides a chilling glance at some type of large creature looking in on Lori and Adam Davies as they slept. To hear the full story for the 1st time!

    Contact info: Terrie Wolf
    and Patricia Baker

  2. Interesting, but why only one picture? Was the camera set to take a pic or record only every 5 minutes or what? And if it was set to record by motion detection, where are the entry and exit pics? I would hate to think somebody didn't set up this cam to take pics by motion detection or at least with smaller intervals to be able to show an animal entering and leaving. The fact that there is only one pic of this thing, with no entry or exit pics, makes me very suspicious that it is a crypto animal.

  3. Just like a wild creature scrounging around a campsite looking for stuff, this human is doing the same thing. Surviving in the wild, he needs additional stuff, e.g. food, utensils, etc. It was cold that night, perhaps it rained, perhaps it's cold humidity, and perhaps he wears the outfit to prevent insects from crawling up his legs and arms while he sleeps and to keep relatively clean, since showers or hot baths would certainly be a luxury in the wild. It's obvious he's wearing a particular survival outfit to cover his entire body.

  4. The discussion continues in later installments

  5. from my point of view the "creature" is similar in height to the man in the photo above. Assuming that the height from the ground to the top of the table is 73cm as mentioned in the text above, both the man and the alleged Sasquatch are between 102 and 103cm man squatting and kneeling BF.
    Personally I do not think this is hard evidence, it would take several photos of the same camera and the same scene, but there is only one.
    Not well defined neck and shoulder area, and the profile of the face as in other pictures and videos of alleged BF. I like others to be a human in a sleeping bag, or covered with a blanket or an ape suit.

    Measurement image link

    "creature" measurement

    man measurement


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