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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Extreme Expeditions Update

2 hours ago
"Extreme Expeditions caught these two images on its trail cam. I've set the images side by side for comparison, because the image on the right, which I grabbed from the vid, isn't getting any notice at all. So, note the image on the right, which has what appears to be a snout with steam exhaling from it. (In the video the steam is very apparent.) I don't completely know what this is, but if it's a ...
BF, then it has a snout, as some are reported to have. This side view (right pic) also shows a conic head. The right arm looks interesting to me in the right pic, too. I wonder why I cannot see a space between the arm and torso. This is very strange, but fun to think about. Thanks Extreme Expeditions for sharing this!"

The lack of definition between arms and torso, and torso and head are two things that make it look like a human being bundled in a sleeping bag: furthermore, the "Snout" could show somebody's head popping in and out of the sleeping bag also. JC Johnson notes that the continous stream of "Steam" coming from the mouth looks more like somebody is smoking a cigarette.

 Since we have no definite markers for Bigfoot except large bulky torso and wide shoulders, and we have three indicators which could very well indicate a human bundled up in a sleeping bag but sitting upright to have a smoke on a cold night, I'm going to have to say this is more likely a sleeping bag-unless we do get better resolution of the head showing an actual snout or the arms swinging free from the sides of the torso. 

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