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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bigfoot Evidence: Russians on Their Bigfoot's DNA

Bigfoot Evidence

It's not clear as to how recent or accurate this news article published today on the Russian website, is since it's in Russian and we don't trust the Russians to honestly report Bigfoot news. But, according to the article, local government officials near the Azass cave of Mt. Shoria are claiming that the DNA results of purported "Yeti" hair samples collected there is turning out to be "unknown to science". Reportedly the DNA results from labs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the University of Idaho have all confirmed that the hair is remarkably similar to humans.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Russian News Website Reports: "Kuzbass Bigfoot DNA Is Similar To Human DNA"

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Postscript: Igor Burtsev has written me during the night that he considers this analysis to be a false report. Here is the English translation (via Google) of the text he has provided

It seems that in the Kuzbass really usual "snow man"

Scientists came to a sensational conclusion by examining the marks and hair found in Azasskoy cave in the Kemerovo region [photos, video]
Shoria mountain - taiga region of Kuzbass, which is many kilometers Azasskoy maze cave. More recently, she was in the list of places where they saw "snow people" - the Yeti. About meetings with them telling local hunters.
Go in search of scientific expeditions. One of them was lucky last year - at the beginning of October. In that there were traces of the cave seems to have left by the Yeti. And next - hairs.
A year has passed after the international expedition Azasskoy found in a cave (in the Mountain Shoria in the forest in the south of Kuzbass) yeti footprints and hair.
A year has passed after the international expedition Azasskoy found in a cave (in the Mountain Shoria in the forest in the south of Kuzbass) yeti footprints and hair.
Photo: Konstantin Nagovitsyn
The results of their study reported recently Valentin Sapunov, Sc.D., chief scientific officer of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University.
- Study of the DNA of hair out of the cave showed that they belong to the essence, which is biologically closer to Homo sapiens than monkeys, - he says. - Genetically Yeti different from the person by only one percent. - In the northern capital - continues Valentin Sapunov - study conducted our University and the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Electron Microscopy Laboratory and the Laboratory of Molecular Genosystematics.
And the results obtained with an electron microscope, it follows that the hairs do not belong to a man of understanding, nor to any other known mammal that are found in Mountain Shoria. But like hairs and, earlier found in the Urals, in the U.S. and in the Leningrad region. Presumably, they are from the Yeti.
One of them last year, which included U.S. and Russian scientists discovered a huge number of tracks in the cave of the hairs.
One of them last year, which included U.S. and Russian scientists discovered a huge number of tracks in the cave of the hairs.
Photo: Konstantin Nagovitsyn
Experts comments
In Yeti foot wider than Valuev
- I doubt that St. Petersburg could conduct genetic analysis of hair from Azasskoy caves and determine how "abominable snowman" genetically close to us, - says Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology. - This is nowhere in the world did not. Find, of course, could examine under a microscope. But if compared with other samples? Not sure. Therefore, the conclusions Valentine Sapunova treat with some skepticism. He's not an expert on the hairs.
As far as I know, did not show enthusiasm, and Director of the Zoological Institute, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Pugachev, who said the following: "That brought some hair, we'll see what they bring ...". In Moscow - in a number of academic institutions - all refused to help when they learned what it was about. That is, the Yeti.
And the fact that the cave has been discovered Azasskoy hairs true. Picked them himself - with Sapunov. They - some curly, other direct, others with graying hair - surprisingly found during an international conference on yetis, which was held in Mountain Shoria. Imprinted in their tracks. Footprints - a very large, 16 cm (6 inches)  in width, more than Valuev. He - 11cm (just over 4 inches). The length of the track in the cave Azasskoy measure failed - to print only the front part of the foot. But the conference was an anthropologist from the U.S. Jeff Meldrum, who brought the Yeti footprint cast. Also 16 centimeters in width.
So track length was 38 centimeters (14 inches).
- I am part of his hair sent in genetic laboratories in Japan, Italy, Britain and the United States - continues to Igor D.. - I'm waiting for the results. They did not exist. But they promised in the near future. Incidentally, in the United States - Texas - studied their hair. Ostensibly they were taken from a female Bigfoot and her cub killed back in 2010. The results are ready for publication, but serious American scientific journals refused to accept them for publication on various pretexts. It is possible that publish here - in Russia. According to the preliminary - U.S. - data Bigfoot DNA is virtually identical to the human race. Here Sapunov rights. Although Kuzbass "Bigfoot" has nothing to do with it.
Recorded by Vladimir Lagowski
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-It seems the controversy reduces down to the fact that in Asiatic and Eastern-NorthAmerican (Texas) Bigfoot, the DNA is within 1% of difference of ordinary Homo sapiens, a result which tests have providee before on other occasions. The controversy really is about exactly how close the realy are within that 1%. Best Wishes, Dale D.

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