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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Texas Trackway By Way of Bigfoot Chicks

What I thought was especially interesting about this is that the tracks are almost exactly the same size as the tracks made by my own feet, although a 42 inch stride is a bit of a stretch even for me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bigfoot Chicks Team Member Investigates Tracks Found By Hardcore Outdoor Just A Few Days Ago

You are probably familiar with the photo above as it has been circulating on various blogs as the latest track found just days ago by famed hunter and outdoorsman "Hardcore Outdoor". It was found in the middle of nowhere Texas in an area that could only be accessed by boat. Bigfoot Chicks team member, Rob Gaudet, went out this morning and met with Mr. Hardcore Outdoor and conducted a thorough investigation.

The tracks appeared to be coming from the water to the shore.

The area was remote and could only be accessed by boat.

The tracks measured roughly 12 inches in length.

They measured 3 inches at the heel and 4-5 inches at the ball of the foot.

The stride was measured at roughly 42 inches.

Mr. Hardcore Outdoor, who is said to be 5'10, had a difficult time matching the stride.

Although the tracks are not extremely long, the impressions are quite deep.

Given that this area is only accessible to humans by boat and the tracks hadn't been noticed when the outdoorsman had been there the day prior, investigators have a good argument for the track's authenticity.
Kudos to Mr. Gaudet for taking quick action to follow up on this report!! Awesome pics!!

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