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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Hairy People

This is an illustration just posted in The Hairy People page on Facebook:

Image credit RobRoy Menzies

This I think is a fair depiction of an American Almas or Eastern Bigfoot (Hairy Human variety and not the more apelike variety). More and more people consider this to be only a primitive hairy type of Homo sapiens.
I would like to point out a few of the more obvious features recognizable in this type:
1. The head is relatively large and is well emerged from the shoulders. The cranium is high and domed. This one has a kind of a peak in the back of the head. The actual size of the head is over a foot high and in fact the head can be said to be twice the size of a normal human's head in some reports.
2. The creature has a bare forehead rising perhaps three inches back of the brows. Also the head hair is differentiated from the body hair (not obvious here) and falls to the shoulder blades in back.
3. The eyes can be quite large (more obvious than in this illustration) and there is a regular human-like projecting (hooded) nose
4. The body is of humanlike proportions although very heavy and burly. The arms and legs are as in human anatomy and both about the same absolute length. Hands and feet are like ordinary humans in anatomy but proportionately broader.
5. Although this is a convention rather than a strictly statistically obvious feature, the colouration is dark brown rather than black.
6. And pretty glaringly different, the creature is using a tool, it had a length of log that it is using as a club. This type will use arrangements of sticks as trail signs and can weave fallen branches into barriers, walls and shelters

Every one of these feature is in contrast to the Patterson film female:

By which it should be obvious that we are dealing with something distinctively different here.

Photos from Jeff Kiser, The Hairy People group:
Typical American Almas track, not necessarily much longer than a human foot but very broad and Neanderthal-like

And possible lean to structures or very primitive huts of a sort. These examples are from Washington state but are typical of examples found much further to the East.

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