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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lake Champlain Witness' sketches from Scott Mardis

These were a couple of interesting reports from Lake Champlain that Scott Mardis forwarded to me and so I thought I would show them today.

The report specifies the mouth was NOT seen and therefore the line of the mouth was pointed down, and the part of the head and neck arched over and pointed down again. This would not be possible for a Blackfish as suggested, besides which a Blackfish has only one blowhole. The drawing at top interpreting this sighting as referring to a Plesiosaur-shaped creature is thus more likely than the "Blackfish" as suggested (Compare photos below)



This second report also seem to  refer to the standard Plesiosaur-shaped Longneck
 sort of sighting  with three humps and an obvious tail

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