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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Crypto Crew-Hunter Encounters Aggressive Bigfoot - Witness Interview

The Crypto Crew

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hunter Encounters Aggressive Bigfoot - Witness Interview

Art by Sybilla Irwin 
Hunter Mike Wooley tells about his run in with two aggressive bigfoot in the forest of Louisiana. 


Here is another artist rendering of the creature from the account.

The artwork is used with permission of the artist and the witness.
Artwork created by Sybilla Irwin. You can view her website by Clicking Here.

©The Crypto Crew
[ I have added this because I thought Sybilla Irwin did a good job of capturing the likeness of the individual Bigfoot (Something she and Alex Evans are both particularly good at), I thought the depictions resembled the representations of the Minnesota Iceman as drawn by Alika Lindbergh and published by Bernard Heuvelmans -DD]


  1. It seems to have a very large/prominent chin for a non-human primate.

  2. The creature has a slight native american look in my opinion.

    1. Also to me. In fact that was one reason I wanted to pubsh this story in connection to the stories which allege crossbreeding.

  3. Very interesting sketch in addition to the report. If we are to take the sketch as being truly representative of what was seen, it does have interesting Homo sapien-like features such as its pointed chin, the appearance of its teeth, and its apparent large cranium size. Something quite interesting that I've noticed is that it appears to have bare knees, just like those of the Almasty. If there are American Almas, I definitely think this is a example of one.


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