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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tennessee Bigfoot Via Jay Cooney

Jay Cooney recently wrote a blog in which he posted these fine drawings by Sybilla Irwin and he said that there was one kind of Bigfoot in North America, and the eastern kind matched the western kind. With this statement I most heartily disagree and Jay knows it. For that reason I feel no remorse in offering the alternative interpretation. Instead of being the same as the Western Sasquatch (as exemplified by the Patterson-Gimlin film) the Tennessee creature seems to me to be a prime example of my category, the American Almas (Hair samples submitted for analysis had supposedly consistently turned out to measure in the Neandertal range but my only source of this information is from other researchers, not from whatever reports they are quoting. I have at least handled some of the hair samples) . My contentin is that the head to body proportions and the body structure by itself are much more humanlike than the larger and bulkier classic Sasquatch. In the Eastern kind the head is larger in proportion and the head is held high enough that the chin is a level well above the shoulders. The top of the head is less pointed and the cranium is much larger.

The close-up of the head, and then the Neanderthal skull overlain for comparison. 
Jay makes a big deal about the teeth that show do not match ape teeth, but in fact they are
 a better match for Neanderthal teeth in size and shape. 

Here is a comparison of the Tennessee Bigfoot to the Living Neanderthal Man of Heuvelmans as depicted by hi former wife Alika Lindbergh. The proportions are a very good match. Below is a reconstruction plan of a Neanderthal man designed for animation by Jerod Bough and once again the bodily proportions are much the same. And I had previously remarked that the illustration of the habituated Tennessee Bigfoot "Fox" show a Neanderthal type of skull in his head.


  1. Although I did write the article at a point where I was less open minded about the possibility of living neanderthals in America, I'm not convinced that the Tennessee ape is an example of an American Almas. Its apparent heavy jaws, rather flat nose, and lack of a noticeable neck (note that the Louisiana aggresive bigfoot has an apparent neck protruding from in between its massive shoulders) make me think this is likely the same as a sasquatch. But that's just my opinion, and I certainly respect yours :).

  2. Against that you haves something as basic and simple as the skull fits which for me basically ends all discussion right then and there. The form of the soft tissues in living examples is certainly arguable as solid evidence since these are highly variable anyway. The form of the body in this example is in no way similar to the standard Sasquatch and you cannot possibly make it out to be such. Massive jaws and a flat nose are features regularly described in this form as well as the Old World Almas, ant the fact that the head is up higher than the shoulders at all means that it has a neck completely different to the West Coast Sasquatch, where the head sits so low that the lower jaw seems to hang in front of the shoulders (An exaggeration but please compare the Patterson film example)

  3. My belief Bigfoot to be descendent from Gigantopithecus

  4. And not my mere belief but my firm CONTENTION is that "Bigfoot" is not only one thing and therefore saying anything along the order of "Bigfoot is Gigantopithecus" is a false statement. Furthermore in this instance Gigantopithecus is NOT the best-fit candidate going on the information provide.


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