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Monday, 14 October 2013

From the Private Files of Jay "Bizzare Zoology" Cooney

Jay Cooney notes: "Jesus Jr's alleged juvenile bigfoot print compared to a Neanderthal footprint from a cave floor and the tracing of a Neanderthal footprint. Almost perfect match!"

These tracks seem well outside of the usual human range in breadth and they are noticed walking through cruel thorns and spines beyond what a human would consider going through. Jay also adds "please note that Jay made this comparison to point out an intriguing similarity, rather than to endorse any certain hypothesis."

Jay BizarreZoo Cooney

"Wow....although I don't put much stock in such photos I do have to say that compared to other 'blobsquatch' photos, Mark [Para]'s are fantastic! It really looks like there is something actually there rather than just a trick of light on foliage."

The face in the lower picture does look pretty convincing and it is another "Caveman" type. Jay also added he thought the figure in the top photo could only be a boulder.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Today is also Jay Cooney's birthday, please join me in wishing him the very best birthday today and many happy returns of the day!

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