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Monday, 14 October 2013

Another Eastern Bigfoot (Ape) track cast Submitted to Jeffrey Meldrum

This photograph of a track cast was posted to Dr Don Jeffrey Meldrum's wall by the same individual who had contacted me earlier and claimed that this was the track of the "Eastern Bigfoot" (which would essentially equate the term also to "Wood Ape" or "Skunk Ape" in the same area, meaning that it would include both a more human type and a more apelike type, EXACTLY the same situation as the Orang Pendek or Batut)

This track shares the main flaws also associated with these tracks: the bottoms are all mostly level-flat with no anatomical hallmarks showing and the toes in particular seem to be "Jointless" (Noted by the SITU when such tracks started showing up in Pennsylvania in the 1970s) However this could easily be the effect of poor preservation (in one specific example, it was known that a rainstorm had washed over the tracks since they had been deposited)

Skunk Ape By Liza Phoenix, Easily One of The More Diagnostic Representations Of the Type

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