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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Skunk Ape

 Some comparative illustrations from a google photo search:
Sasquatches (Gigantopithecus ex Krantz) picking berries

Head of a young adult female female Sasquatch ( Relict Gigantopithecus)
Of the beings shown on this blog entry, ONLY this is truly a Cryptid.
The others are either known species (Wildmen) or assumedly known species
 (Skunk Apes or NAPES, which are close enough to orangutans to be considered as such)
Eastern Bigfoot or "Caveman" type ( Pre-modern Homo sapiens)
Kentucky Bigfoot (American Almas, archaic Homo sapiens)
Skunk Ape, Swamp Ape, Agropelter , American Yeti or NAPES, often very much like an orangutan

(Stock Illustrations)
Map 1, the known species of Wildman, which is in our own species,
 and the Orangutan like unrecognized apes which are provisionally the same as the known species
(Owing to the fossil forms still being classified as the same species but this could change)
Populations are widely scattered over the indicated areas, discontinuous, and nowhere common.

Map 2 the Sasquatch like forms or Neo-Giants
 (Including also the True Giants as exaggerated individual reports out of the same general category.)
As before, scattered populations in retreat and  total numbers seem to be dwindling over time.

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