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Monday, 28 October 2013

Comparing Cryptid Ape Tracks

Some Comparisons of the Yeti "Mittenfoot" track cast of Cronin as provided by Dr. Meldrum
with Asian apes (Orangutan) and some purported "Unknown" ape tracks:

First the cast compared to the foot of an adult male orangutan,
 and then the cast "Trimmed" to show only the contact (footprint) area
The Yeti track is more developed but the big toe does seem to come off about the same
 place as it does in the orangutan. The (uncurled) toes are much shorter and both adaptations
 are for a ground living (terrestrial) species as opposed to a tree-climbing one.

Above, Orang Pendek and a young orangutan foot (extended)
and below the Yeti track cast compared to the Orang Pendek track cast
Please remember that Heuvelmans referred to the commoner reddish form of Yeti as
"The Little Yeti (Le Petit Yeti), later saying it was likely only another form of orangutan,
 and that Ivan T. Sanderson said this one was the same as the Orang Pendek
The fact that orangutan feet can be very variable even in the same individual at different ages makes it more difficult to say whether or not the Yetis and Orangutans or Orang Pendeks are actually completely different species. It also makes sorting out "Yeti" tracks more difficult.
Gordon Mullet's Eastern Bigfoot cast
 (Evidentally the same as the Skunk ape of Florida and Swamp ape of Texas/Louisiana) 
Shows resemblance to both Yeti and Orang Pendek-Broader and heavier like the Yeti but  with the reduced big toe like the Orang Pendek and Orangutan.

Gordon Mullet Writes:
Hello, Here is a ORANGATANS HAND,, looks like the one I photographed on the EASTERN BIGFOOT, Coshocton, county ,Ohio,, See: Cover MY page f/b,See: profile
 Above, photograph by Glen Mullet, and below the closeup


Impression of Eastern Bigfoot by Gordon Mullet

Gordon Mullet and a track cast, from Dr Meldrum's Facebook page
Hoax footprint of the Honey Island Swamp Monster. From M K Davis' Facebook wall, and Davis writes: This person is Ricky Holiness. He is the discoverer of the shoe out in the swamp.
 He had to look for quite a while in his home for the shoe, but eventually found it.
 This is really a great story and Jay Michael  tells it eloquently in his documentary.
This same type of hoax footprint (Alligator's foot fastened to the bottom of a shoe) has been repeated elsewhere and some of the Skunk Ape, Swamp Monster or Eastern Bigfoot tracks
 (including "3-Toed tracks") come from such a source.
 The footprint does unfortunately have some similarities to the more legitimate, more apelike tracks  

Some of the Ape tracks feature a long narrow foot and heel and resemble this "Dogman" footprint (from Scott Campbell on Facebook) and are probably actually from dog footprints where the whole foot is printed and not just the paw pads, and composite tracks from more than one footprint from the dog, superimposed.

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