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Monday, 14 October 2013

Bigfoot News From Robert Lindsay

According to Robert Lindsay, this news just in - the body of an Orang Pendek has been kept by scientists for the past 17 years!! Also a new photograph from New Mexico, the Harris photograph, has appeared and looks worthy of discussion. As well as this, there is more on Matilda the presumed Wookie costume.  Read Robert's latest news blog to see what it is happening right now......
Wildlife conservation organization has had the body of an Orang Pendek for 17 years! The Wildlife Conservation Service out of New York is a conservation organization that works to protect habitat and wildlife all over the world. One of the places they work is Sumatra. In Sumatra, one of the places they work is the Barisan Mountains in southern Sumatra....
[DD Adds: the statements being made about this apparent Orang Pendek so far read as if the people in charge of the body are not certain if it is any different from the ordinary orangutans that live in Sumatra. The DNA tests are meant to confirm or deny that possibility.
Robert says the object in Brenda Harris' photograph looks like a Bigfoot. By that I suppose he means it looks like Harry out of Harry and the Hendersons. Although details are difficult to make out, the proportions of the head and shoulders are consistent with the head and shoulders of an ordinary human being.Thy are not inconsistent with a person in a costume. The Bigfoot in this photo does not look like the head and shoulders of the female in the Patterson-Gimlin film, which ARE  INCOMPATIBLE with  the head and shoulders of an ordinary human being and hence not likely to be a person in a costume because of that]

            Harry and Patty: No Comparison, Harry is the Big Head as vs the Bigfoot!
             (These are reduced to the point where the faces are about the same size)

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