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Friday, 5 July 2013

Yeti Tracks

There was a posting that was made here earlier and I was asked to take it down by the original owner. It was no big deal and so I did. The pertinent information, though, was this: while researching the well-known Eric Shipton "Yeti" track above, this other person saw an adjoining photo from an art poster site which also supposedly showed Yeti tracks from Mount Everest, presumably also from the Shipton expedition.

And it was stated that the one Shipton track must have been one exceptional printout of this line of irregular "footprints" of different sizes and shapes. If so, then it becomes even more likely that the print when found was pretty much hopeless until it was cosmetically cleaned up for the camera.
In the meantime I also pasted together this interesting comparison: Grover Krantz had said that Sasquatch prints were actually disproportionately large, being both longer and wider relative to height than in human footprints. He made the comparison that I converted to the superimposed tracks on the right, the brown one being a Sasquatch footprint and the green one a human one, both from individuals six feet tall. After I did that, a thought struck me and I made the set at left for comparison, in which the brown one is a Wildman (Neanderthaloid) track and the green one human, again both at six feet tall. This does dramatise the differences and the similarities, but basically Wildman tracks are modified-normal-human for sturdier and more muscular bodies while Sasquatch footprints indicate a complete reorganization of the system.They appear to have human proportions but that is actually something of a coincidence.
For reference, here is Tyler Stone's scale for types of Yetis, building on my own information
 but using Sanderson's standard names for the types:

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