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Monday, 1 July 2013

Will the Real Minnesota Iceman Please Stand Up

Bigfoot Evidence put out this news item this morning:

This is not "The original item" as described by Sanderson and Heuvelmans. It is a very, very good copy of it. I think we can readily recognize this as "THE REPLACEMENT MODEL" from the photographs of the face alone.
The originating article concludes with the following information:
SW:  The Big Foot Creature Exhibit, that sounds very interesting, when did you have the show out, does someone have the show out today and what was it?
 RW:  It was in the 70’s that I first started showing the Creature. I believe the last year I had it out was 84. I never saw the show after I sold to Rick Owens. I do know it went to California.  
Johnny Chambers, who did the make-up for “Planet of the Apes” built the creature. And Jerry ‘Tyron’ Malone designed the show. Jerry was known for his frozen whale exhibit and later his custom racing semi tractors. The creature was shown in a big case with a glass top. I used a chemical on the underside of the glass that made it look frosted. Looked like the creature was frozen.  I also had another creature that a friend and I built out of latex. That’s another story. 
But the best creature ever shown was Frank Hansen’s. He brought his exhibit out in 1967. I met him at his first fair. His creature was encased in ice and shown in a custom-built freezer.  It is quite a story; people thought the creature was real. Many people still believe it was real. I had the chance to go up and visit Frank shortly before his death. I even had the opportunity to purchase the creature and the exhibit…
”Preserved Forever in a Coffin of Ice!”
You know, I should have bought it. 

Another interesting aspect of what Rick West claims is that John Chambers, famous makeup artist from "Planet of the Apes", made the creature for West's Bigfoot exhibit. Which Rick started showing in the 70's, and could have very easily been under construction in the late 60's. Could this sideshow Bigfoot be responsible for creating the rumor that John Chambers made the costume for Patty in the Patterson-Gimlin film? Think for a moment how rumors change as they get passed along. Perhaps Chambers did create a Bigfoot creature, and people were just confused as to which one he was responsible for. Like getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.

SO: we now know definitely, there was not one Iceman model but several competing versions, and in this case Hansen's display is clearly distinguished as something different and "Better than the rest". And Hansen's original display was not only different from the rest, it is different from the currently "Rescued" replacement model. All the same I think the attribution of ANY Bigfoot materials to John Chambers is only a popular legend.

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