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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Scott Mardis -You Can't Do That!

Scott Mardis has sent along another set of Lake Monster comparisons to Plesiosaurs and including some long-necked seal mockups. Most of these at first are from Loch Ness and then at the end are several from Lake Champlain. I will do editorializing nor yet interfere with what Scott is saying, whether I agree or disagree with him, except in one place where my different opinion is noted for the record.

At this juncture I really had to jump in because I differ in my interpretation of the head part of this underwater photo taken at Loch Ness: I think it is much smaller, as indicated below:

Scott interprets the head to be larger with an eye further back: Dale interprets the indications as meaning a smaller head with features further forward but also indicating a prominent Euryapsid skull marking in the back part of the skull. Dale feels he must insist on this point. The rest of the page shall be Scott's speculations only even in cases where I strongly disagree with him or I do not support everything as valid evidence the way that Scott does.

Comparison with the Long Necked Seal: the Long Necked Seal has a neck only half as long

Loch Ness Monster compared to fossil longnecked seal, reconstructions of the fossil seal at right
Below, mockup skeletons for Heuvelmans' Long-necked Sea Serpent assuming first
a camel-length neck and then a giraffe length neck for purposes of comparison.



Scott compares Sea Serpent reconstructions to his long necked seal mockup above
and below, Scott makes a mockup long necked Zueglodon for Roy Mackal.


Range of motion in an ordinary Plesiosaur neck (NOT an Elasmosar neck) used in the continuing comparisons following after:


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    1. Once again to "Joe Richardson": I deleted your message to me at this posting because it IS Scott Mardis' blog entry, any questions directed to me are inappropriate in such a situation. Obviously you are missing that point, you can't just go adding your questions and comments helter-skelter anyplace you feel like it. As to why I keep deleting your references to Tony Harmsworth's Loch Ness site, the reason is still one of form, you are adding the comments in the wrong place, in places where the reference is misplaced or is dubious, or otherwise where your comments are off topic. In other words I am deleting your comments because you are out of order and you can't seem to find the proper avenues where your statements would be pertinent and valid.


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