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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Cryptozoology Blogs are up

My friend and associate who goes by the name of "Troodon Man" has made up two blog entries addressing reports of small "Living Dinosaurs" alleged to live in the USA, and the question of whether they could be forms of ordinary large lizards or not:


This is his own investigation despite the fact that he was inspired to undertake the quest because of some blog postings here.


  1. This a great blog for people seeking more about cryptozoology. Would you mind looking at my blog and telling me what you think? I just started it.

    1. I cannot seem to make your link work. Perhaps you need to check it? If your site is good, I will want to promote it.

  2. Shame on MonsterQuest for airing videos of the Florida manatee (Trichecus manatus) as lake and sea monsters!


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