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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Suspected 'monster' appears in Tianchi Lake

Suspected 'monster' appears in Tianchi Lake

By Lin Liyao July 30, 2013

A picture of the "monster"provided by Wu Chengzhi. []

A volcano monitoring station worker in Jilin was measuring water temperatures when he saw some kind of "monster" swimming around Tianchi Lake, according to a local media report.
Around 5 a.m. on July 27, the worker named Wu Chengzhi arrived at the northern slope of the Changbai Mountains and together with his colleague began conducting their routine measurements of Tianchi Lake's water temperatures.
While they were collecting their samples, Wu spotted a V-shaped ripple appear on the lake's quiet and calm surface. At the forefront of the ripple, a "black point" came peeking out of the water and swam forward at relatively high speed.
Wu immediately got out his camera and shot some pictures of the unidentified object.
As seen from one picture provided by Wu, the thing sticking out of the water looks very much like a "monster's head," with an outline similar to that of a fawn's head and neck.
Tianchi Lake, or Heaven Lake, is located in the southeast of Jilin Province and in fact is a crater-lake perched atop the Changbai Mountains. Believed by many locals to be a holy lake, various legends state there are monsters living in the deep of the lake, just like the Scottish legend of Loch Ness.
[Lake Tianchi is a lake where earlier sightings were also suspected to have been swimming deer or moose-DD]


  1. Looks like a Chinese water deer. I can't help but think that the photographer made up the story about suspecting it to be a monster, as I doubt someone could mistake a deer that small for such an animal.

    1. Swimming deer have been implicated as monsters at this lake before. Its because the long trailing wake can convincingly look like the long winding body of a "Water monster"


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