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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jay Sees the Serpent too

Jay Michael Cooney
Saw some many-humped sea serpents on the lake today....appearing after a boat sped by

Jay is making a reference to the fact that I consider nearly all "String of buoys" sightings to be reports of mere ambiguous waves in the water that merely look like a row of humps, frequently seen in boat wakes for example, but they can also be left in the wakes of whales and other sea animals. And I have witnessed the effect myself while I was staying in New Jersey and associated with the SITU on a long term basis, back in 1986.

The Leda Sea Serpent case was one where the humps clearly devolved into waves in a wake when seen from a different angle. The subsequent information was noted by Rupert T Gould.
 I consider Heuvelman's composite to be an unacceptable depiction of such a wake trailing after a head and dorsal fin that was clearly based on a close up sighting of an Orca by a witness that never expected to see such a creature stick its head up out of the water that way.

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