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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bigfoot Evidence: Another Minnesota Iceman Account.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mike Rugg Convinces Us The Minnesota Iceman Was Once Alive

Tonight on Monster X Radio, the guys will be talking to the new owner of the Minnesota Iceman, Steve Busti. Steve recently reintroduced the Iceman last week at the The Museum Of The Weird in Texas. You can listen to the show at 7PM EST by following this link. While you're waiting for it to begin, check out this video from Mike Rugg explaining what experts described during the exhibit's heyday in the late 70s.
See the Video
In this case I am pretty sure that Mike Rugg is accurately describing the history of the Iceman as well as insiders have already maintained it.  I personally believe these particulars to be accurate also, based on my discussions with both Sanderson and Heuvelmans, and after reviewing their files and photos on the subject. To me this substitute model does NOT match the original photos. However at present time I am waiting from word back from others that have undertaken to examine all of the photos exhaustively.    --Best Wishes, Dale D.

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