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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pristichampsus (Tim Morris) Envisions the Jersey Devil

I recently had a mix-up in attributing artwork on Deviant Art to the wrong artist. As a followup I was checking into Cryptozoology artwork on Deviant Art when I discovered that my friend Tim Morris (Pristichampsus) had a mockup of a Jersey Devil creature that was a giant bat.

Codename: Jersey Devil
Size: 6 feet tall, 70 kg
Diet: Meat, fruit, large insects
Age: 50 Million years hence
Description: A strange future bat that appears at a location in New Jersey USA, found to be the explanation for the Jersey Devil cryptid.

[I imagine this is taken to be a creature which evolves I the future and slips back into the past by time travel in a fictional series. The height and weight are probably too great for the "real" one (Although it might be near the sizes alleged by witnesses. Actually 6-8 feet would appear to be the wingspan rather than the height) The impression is actually probably not too far off, except the legs of the real creature would probably much thinner and weaker than the ones shown here]

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