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Thursday, 12 December 2013

More From Larry Surface

Larry Surface is a friend of mine on Facebook and he has provided what I consider to be the crucial proof that the Eastern Bigfoot is indeed the same as the Gardar man from Greenland. You may recall the comparisons I did earlier that included this skull overlay: Those were based on Larry's charts and drawings (Following include my modification of keeping the sample Kansas mound skull as a constant frame of reference).

Below, Larry Surface with some typical and diagnostic Eastern Bigfoot tracks from Ohio

 "The PG film subject which I regard as authentic, pointed  head profile caused by hair, skin grey, lends authenticity to Brisson photo".
"I believe there are two types (races) of wild Primates in North America. I have already depicted one of them in previous posts. This second type is more familiar because of the PG film. This type has a relatively smaller skull. It is flattened on the back which gives a pointed appearance when seen from the side. The face is relatively much wider than type one. There are a few reliable photos to support these two types." 

Ken Hartung replied: Yes, i have seen two types, one has flat head and other has cone head."

White Bigfoot from trailcam video, both sides mirrored


 Trailcam photo by reliable people shows white skin, adds  authenticity to the Pa video with white skin[and hair].

  Trailcam video showing the Bigfoot type in question with a growth of fuzzy hair all over the face except for the eyes. This is also specified in several separate reports entered in by people that had no contact with each other. Below is Larry Surface's reconstruction drawing of the "Ohio Wildman" showing this trait. "Wildman" is the historically accurate term to use for this type.

                              Some more drawings by Larry Surface showing the hairy face effect.
Others have a more marked and developed regular moustache and beard 

Below several drawings representing activities of these Ohio Wildmen
The first one is a representation of what another nighttime trailcam videos shows,
 the Wildman is seen to be chasing a young raccoon
And next a pack of hounds learns the hard way not to mess with the big guy...
(Which is also rather schematic but does give a pretty good idea of relative
 width proportion and relative lengths of the limbs, and the head is round again)
And then a couple of depictions of the older generation teaching the younger one...
Notice the use of sticks as tools in this type.
 Several other supplementary portraits of the eastern "Roundheaded" Bigfoot, as opposed to the pointed-headed kind, from Mike Beers

"You can please some of the people all of the time. You can please all of the people some of the time. But you can NEVER please all of the people all of the time."

Abraham Lincoln was so right on the money when he made the above statement!!!

Just to make myself perfectly clear, I'm NOT conducting my Habituation Research to make everyone happy. I'm simply doing it to gain the trust of the Bigfoot/Forest People so I can eventually hold the Toddler on my lap while my boy pl...
ays with the Juvenile in the woods.

I also report on what I'm doing as an attempt to role model and encourage others to approach the Squatches in a more effective and RESPECTFUL manner instead of the ineffective aggressive "In Your Face" Research methods currently being used by most Bigfooters today (as I did for the first 10 years as well).

Really???!!! Screaming at them? Pounding on trees? Placing cameras up in their home? Invading their bedding areas? Would you want someone to come into your home and scream at you, pound on your walls, hang up cameras, and invade your Master Bedroom?

My intent is to gain their trust, video tape the collection of DNA samples, and prove their existence without having to provide a body (dead or alive). Then we can move forward with passing the necessary Laws to protect them as well as their habitat.

I understand that some of you think that the Squatches are doing fine on their own. You think that the Squatches don't need our help. Well, at present, I totally agree with you. HOWEVER, your point of view is myopic/near-sighted. You're NOT seeing the BIG PICTURE.

In 400 short years, the USA has grown from 500 colonists settlers on the East Coast to over 330 million people from coast to coast..... with everything paved in between the two coasts. What's it going to be like in another 100, 200, 300, or 400 years? NOW IS THE TIME TO PROTECT THEM. Now is not too late. On the other hand, if we wait 100, 200, 300, or 400 years before we take the necessary steps to protect the Squatches and their habitat....... well...... then they're screwed.

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