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Friday, 13 December 2013

Caddy=Oarfish, Again

An illustration for the local "Caddy" subtype Colossal Claude, off the coast of Oregon, obviously derived from views of oarfish in this instance.


  1. Sorry,but it looks like the cadborosaurus photo from the past.ypur oarfish fixated.and btw,I met kyle nash who was there and he told me how strange and prehis th oric the "bulls" were.his face was still perplexed from the incident.he said the head had the shape of the front end of a 747.

    1. And Im sorry you REALLY Missed the point: I hold that caddies have MULTIPLE causes included in the reports same as everything else, but the basic UNKNOWN type is built like a Plesiosaur...I suppose you never even bothered to check what I had written before when you wrote this? We already KNOW some reports come from oarfishes because the reported colour combination of distinctive red crest all along the length plus silvery coloured sides matches an oarfish exactly but goes against the common run of reports, which have the mane ordinarily the same colour as the rest of the animal...and this representation has nothing like the ordinary Plesiosaurian animal but is built like a broad length of ribbon instead .. like an oarfish.

    2. BTW a whale would have a head like the front end of a 747 but "Caddy" would not

  2. He said it was like a dinosaur head,with big eyes,but like a 747 ,no way was it a you realize that kyle and kelly nash are Alaskan fisherman and have seen Many whales?By a sat laptop and get out of your ," booksmart" life style and crew oncan alaskan crab boat.You may see caddy.

  3. You are missing the whole point. It does not matter whatever any other "Caddies" are, THIS one is based on an Oarfish. the fact that the one thing is called Caddy does not automatically imply that it is the same thing as what somebody else calls Caddy. I am fond of saying none of these creatures walks around carrying billboards with names written out identifying them as any one thing or another, people call them by the names they are given. And different people can call different things by the same names, it happens all the time.

  4. I fully support and endorse the Nash footage, by the way: i have written a blog entry here before about it. But the point is that this "Caddy" is not "THAT Caddy", it is an illustration based on something else different, and recognisable as something else different, that is only adding confusion to the matter


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