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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mother and Daughter Watch a 10 Ft Bigfoot Snatch Pig

[Ten feet is the maximum possible height estimate but everything else in this account is plausible enough in this retelling. All of this is reprinted directly as it was on the site-DD]

Mother and Daughter Watch a 10 Ft Bigfoot Snatch Pig

pigs pens

Report # 35293  (Class A) Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 05, 2012.
Daylight observation remembered of a Bigfoot holding a baby pig near Andalusia

YEAR: 1978

MONTH: October
DATE: 10/10/1978

STATE: Alabama
COUNTY: Covington County

Photo is just to Show What it might have looked like

LOCATION DETAILS: Caution light at the junction of Hwy 55 and Hwy 84 in River Falls was the nearest landmark. River Falls is a few miles Northwest of Andalusia.


NEAREST ROAD: Junction of Hwy 55 and Hwy 84.

OBSERVED: I was outside one morning with my daughter and we were picking up pecans in the yard under the trees. After about 30 minutes I heard the sound of pigs squealing, screaming. I looked up and peered through the trees to the wooded back yard of our nearest neighbor. They had some pigs in a pen at the back of their yard just on the edge of the woods. I looked in that direction and saw standing there at the edge of their pen, a creature much bigger than a bear or a man. It was at least about 8 to 10 ft. Tall and was holding one of the baby pigs in its arms. Holding it close to its chest. It was hairy like a bear but had a human type face. I froze and it froze and we both stared at each other, then somehow I thought of my daughter and her safety and I immediately grabbed her and ran inside screaming at my husband to get his gun, there was a Bigfoot outside. I was hysterical and afraid. My fear caused him to grab his rifle and run out to investigate. Of course it was gone. To this day my husband tells me it was a bear. But I know better. I know the difference between the face of a bear and a person, or something like a person.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mick Minnis:
Creature observed by witness was described to me as very large, muscular, black or dark brown with grey in color. Having longish hair rather than fur. She observed the hair on the head being somewhat long, and the creature having a human looking face with no hair on it. It stood erect on two legs, not moving just staring directly at her. The creature held a squealing baby pig in its arms, up against its chest in a cradle like fashion. The witness and the creature had direct visual contact for 15 seconds before she broke away to run into the house. It never turned away, never broke eye contact with her.

She never heard approaching footsteps or noise of any kind, indicating something had come into the neighbor's yard, though the creature was only 25 yards away from her when she observed it.

The witness is a modest and honorable individual that is left with an encounter that is imprinted vividly in her mind to this day, even after 34 years. Initially hesitant to speak in great detail for fear of ridicule, she opened up to me and revealed details of this encounter after I assured her of her anonymity.

Adding to her credibility is her husband, a retired police officer of 34 years. Though he jokingly told her she saw a bear, he told me when speaking to me by phone, that he knew that his wife had seen a very large creature that day that was not a bear. He said she went into a temporary shock, and by the look on her face, and manner of her speech, knew she was telling the truth. Her husband assured me of his ability to know the difference when one is telling the truth, confused, or lying, based on his years of police experience and training.


[Typical Eastern Bigfoot, Large-Neanderthal or "Caveman" Appearance-DD]

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