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Saturday, 14 December 2013

More Eastern Bigfoot Portraits


The ones above were posted on Facebook overnight and are here to illustrate the weird eyes
(The top one is even called "The Weird Guy") However it may be the eyeglow is not such a big deal: onrdinary humans also show an eyeglow when they are captured on trailcam videos
Here is a lively fellow, if a little scruffy too
below a Bigfoot sculpture by Alex Evans

Just for comparison, the Patterson film female has her head shown in silhouette below
The braincase is very much smaller in proportion and the face is very much bigger:
The more sharply pointed head is MUCH shorter front to back-- perhaps half the size

 And here is a sensitive-looking Bigfoot  portrait that Alex put up on Facebook most recently 
Two more pieces of Bigfoot art by Alex Evans:
"The Walkers" in sunset and dusk backgrounds
Gives a good impression of the large, Husky-but-human body builds

Alex Evans does sell her Bigfoot art and she takes commissions.
 She can be reached through her Facebook page

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