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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

American Almas

Just posted at the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization on Facebook and a "Classic" Guli-Yavans (Wildman) type track.
href="">Almost Heaven Wild Wonderful West Virginia
December 15
This is a pic of a footprint that my husband and I came across in April 2013 in Wetzel County. We thought it looked a little odd, so we sent it to a national Bigfoot Research Team for analyzation. It measured 12 in. long x 6 in. across the toe area. The results came back after they analyzed it, saying that it had all of the characteristics of being a genuine Bigfoot track. We have been told to... make sure we go back to the same area at the same time this April. We are neither believers or non-believers. We are just open minded. What really made us lean more to the believing side, was while taking the pics...we BOTH heard 2 distinct knocks(like someone smacking a tree with a ballbat) about 100 yards away. We are anxiously awaiting Spring.

James Michael Green: A friend of mine had an account just recently near champion Pennsylvania three witnesses... terrified deer running towards him... Usually deer run away from people and a scream that would make your hair curly... My friend would not lie he's not nuts doesn't do drugs doesn't drink has lived in the mountains all his life... Bigfoot is real

Also from Fred Kanney At Sasquatch Watch of Virginia for what its worth:

Seems legit to me

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