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Thursday, 19 December 2013

More American Almas (Eastern Bigfoot) Artwork

Coloured Pencil drawing of a redheaded Eastern Bigfoot, from a Facebook Bigfoot page

"Backwoods Bigfoot", clearly Neanderthal type facial features
Wisconsin Wildman
Another recent report described the Bigfoot they saw as looking like an Australia Aboriginal, in Ontario. Owing to technical difficulties I have not chosen to run that story now. But it is not the first time I have heard that description, either.

Traci Harrell drawing of Ken Storch's Bigfoot sighting at Narrows Creek, PA_
Very human looking and thought to be a possible halfbreed.

Type of tracks usually associated with such sightings.
A much more distinctively apelike creature overlapping in the home range and depicted in the following witness' sketches

With a more apelike track (Including an opposed big toe)

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