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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Boater photographs legendary YACUMAMA - (100 Foot Anaconda) of the Amazon

Posted Saturday, October 19, 2013
Boater photographs legendary YACUMAMA - (100 Foot Anaconda) of the Amazon.

The largest green anaconda accurately documented was 33 feet long. But in Brazil and Peru, there are thousands of reports of a legendary snake stretching 150 feet long. This is the legendary God of serpents known as Yacumama - MOTHER OF THE WATER.

Anacondas do not stop growing until they die. This means -avoiding serious illness or injury - an anaconda can very easily grow to monster sizes. The man who shot this picture claimed the serpent to be "easily over 50 feet long."

World-famous explorer Major Percy H. Fawcett’s speaks of a gigantic anaconda while traveling up the Amazon River:

“We stepped ashore and approached the reptile with caution. It was out of action, but shivers ran up and down the body like puffs of wind on a mountain tarn. As far as it was possible to measure, a length of 45 feet lay out of the water, and 17 feet in it, making a total length of 62 feet … such large specimens as this may not be common, but the trails in the swamps reach a width of six feet and support the statements of Indians and rubber pickers that the anaconda sometimes reaches an incredible size."

There is a follow-up picture here:

The Black Boa 'Mother of the Water' photographed in the Amazon (2nd Photo)

Posted Sunday, October 20, 2013
Mulder's World was buzzing yesterday after posting about YACUMAMA, 100 ft Anaconda. Previous post here:

You guys wanted more, so here you go. We hesitated on posting this pic due to the quality, but we were sent one that was a little better than our copy. Here are some fun littl...e tidbits:

• The Brazilian Boundary Commission documented a dead 80 foot anaconda.

• Many researchers theorize that the Yacumama is not a green anaconda but a hybrid.

• The indigenous people of the Amazon believe that the Yacumama fill up and shoot water out of it's mouth like a canon.
Source: Mulder's World Facebook

[The general category for such sightings as indicated by Bernard Heuvelmans is the Sucuriju Gigante, which is the name used for all giant anaconda sightings. Among such sightings, the name Black boa is really the name of  a secondary Cryptid category, but often as in these news notices the two categories are spoken of as if they were the same. At this point all that is necessary is to indicate that there is that difference.-DD]

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