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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lake Monsters Map from Atlas Obscura

Jeff Albertson sent in this chart from the Atlas Obscura site:

Since I have already offered alternative interpretations for creatures at different locations in earlier entries on this blog, I made up an alternative key showing suggested changes developing from further research by myself and also including suggestions by others:

"Faux Alligator" should have been called a Cryptid but at the time I was thinking of giant salamanders (not indicated on this map)when actually they should be considered a separate category

Sightings at some locations can include sightings of more than one kind of creature (Such as giant fish and swimming moose both at Flathead lake for one example)

The revised map is below. This dramatically redistributes the "Nessies" as along both coasts and in the Mississippi river up the middle of the country. The "Giant Eel Pig" also leaves tracks and it is a clawed quadruped mammal. (Coleman would lump it in with the giant otter reports)

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