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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Special Mention Champ Sighting from Scott Mardis

Scott Mardis sent me a pdf with information about the exceptional sighting by Kelly J. Williams at Lake Champlain in 1981, a sighting which included a photograph. 

I take it the photograph shows the long shadow of a creature just below the surface and not breaking the surface. it would not be indicating positive evidence of what the body's shape specifically was, just indicating that a body was there. The really interesting part of this was the body shape drawn by the witness:

In comparing this sketch with my composite drawn from Loch Ness Monsters, then combining those statistics with the version compiled on Longneck sightings worldwide (which are also similar), I noticed a couple of notable features. The first is the rather obvious observation that the witness was even indicating a Plesiosaur-shaped creature specifically (and not a seal or anything else) and the second is that going by the size and shape of the head, the witness would seem to indicate the neck had a thinner more flexible part and a thicker base part that cannot bend as much. This pattern is what was predicted for Plesiosaurs and is substantiated bu other reports. It is NOT predicted by any of the pinnepeds-parallel-evolved-separately-into-the-shape-of-a-Plesiosaur theorists. This offers not only an internal substantiation of the Plesiosaurian-identity theory, it offers internal substantiation that the Loch Ness Monster and Champ both have the same sort of a neck which works the same way.

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