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Monday, 11 November 2013

Australian 'Carnosaur' Reports Again

While on the topic of fossil Monitor lizards I came across this illustration and it has a bearing on reports of supposed "Carnosaurs" in Australia

Comments added to my posting on Facebook:
Jay BizarreZoo Cooney That's fantastic!!!

Tara Taylor I'll need a bigger tank... Er, maybe a saddle. So awesome

Wm. Michael Mott Awesome until it eats your family.

Shawn Page It seems like the cattle herds would be a tempting food source for them, and there would be more evidence if that were the case, but then again there should be better evidence for bigfoot as well.

Mark Priddis I live in central western NSW Australia and there have been a lot of reports of giant lizards and I personally know people who have seen them, one in particular is close friend of mine.

Wm. Michael Mott How many unexplained disappearances of people in the bush do you know about?

Shawn Page It seems like bigger crocodiles are being found all the time. So a type of huge lizard is not that hard to believe

Matthieu Munoz Yes, Burrunjor sightings could actually misidentified Megalania. I wonder if this explains Bunyip sightings too.

Mark Priddis well I think all disappearances are unexplained until they they find a body or the person is alive.....How many hikers go bushwalking without notifying anybody is also another point to think about.

Mark Priddis I live on the western edge of the Blue Mountains which covers over 10,000 square kilometers of rugged inaccessible bush and it is only a few hours away from Sydney. Apart from giant lizard sightings we have alot of sightings of what has become known as the "the Lithgow Panther" around here....A large Black Feline.\\

Rowson Zhen largest crocodile ever recorded is believed to be krys the savannah king. The animal was over 28 feet long and weighed 4,000 lbs. Varanus priscus' size estimations on the upper scale are thought to be 23 feet long and 4,500 lbs. I can see how both animals can be mistaken as the bunyip, burrunjor, etc.

Jaime Febus Megalania  
[The picture is indeed an illustration of "Megalania" standing on its hind legs-DD}

Corey Kessinger i hope it's megalania

Gilbert Cauduro this is the size of those seen in New Guinea (film casing investigators to boats in documenteries not presently on internet)

Matthieu Munoz Makes me wonder why no serious expedition has searched for these yet.

Dale Drinnon Too large an area to cover. They could be practically anywhere in Australia

Corey Kessinger like with bigfoot in America

Matthieu Munoz Well, someone here mentioned 'the western edge of the blue mountains' as having a lot of unexplored area. Might be a good place to start there. Also Burrunjor sightings are mainly in Arnhem land of Australia so maybe there are some Megalania there?

Dale Drinnon ...And between those two locations you have the greater part of Australia included

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