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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

More Kentucky Bigfoot from The Crypto Crew

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 Sighting Reports From Kentucky  

Kentucky is home to bigfoot
Carter County, Kentucky
These two bigfoot sighting reports come out of Carter County Kentucky. The reports were given to us by Tabatha Steagall and they are of her personal sightings. This is her written account of what she saw.

- Sighting Report 1 -
"My shortest sighting happened when I was a teenager in the late 90's. Not sure the exact date. I was throwing out scraps to the horses after dinner, I was standing by the fence, in the field about 40 or 50 foot away stood a big man looking thing, it looked like a Neanderthal. I actually spent years thinking it was a ghost of a Neanderthal! I promise I'm not nuts! But after watching the Finding Bigfoot show for a season or two it just dawned on me that it was probably and more likely a bigfoot! It was huge, terrifyingly huge. I couldn't make out much about it and didn't stick around to either. All I could see was that it was dark in color, there was only moon light to see by.
It stood perfectly still didn't move at all. I don't even know if I was looking at the back side or the front. I did see hair that fell in different layers around its head and kind of flared outwards. I don't know how I even seen that much but that is the one thing I did see. My dad went to find it when I came back in and told my family, but it was gone. Didn't really put much thought into it other than it was ghost. Not even when I seen the real deal around the same time."

-End Report 1 -

Bigfoot in Carter, KY
Mock up of sighting report 2
-Sighting Report 2 -
"In February of 1998 we had a huge ice storm. I remember it so well because my sister had got hit by a car on Feb 2nd (and only suffered a hurt leg thankfully), and the storm came late that night. We lost power for 6 days. Everything we had in the deep freezer went bad and my Dad had sacked it up and put it outside by the gas tank to throw out later.
We had to cook out with a grill to feed my family & my Mamaw & Papaw all week (I think the smell may have drawn him in, but anyways).
The night the electric came on me and my dad were watching TV and the porch light was on. I glanced at the window and seen what looked like a man carrying our bag of meat. And that’s when I screamed "some man is stealing our rotted meat". I seen it run up the steps and it had black hairy legs. I could see that the hair was attached to the body as it moved, if that makes any sense! I don't know if I would say I seen the muscles but more so like it wasn't saggy.
Anyways, the porch light didn't light up the whole steps, so it was gone out of sight pretty quickly. My dad and me jumped up and we could hear it crashing through the woods about 15 or so feet up into the woods, and then it was silent, I'm assuming it jumped a fence and went into the neighbors cow field where it would make less noise while making its escape.
And the next morning my dad found the bag and the meat was gone, but the butter and the fries were still in the bag. My dad said that the bag wasn't opened like an animal chewed it but more like a person would open it.
I always wondered why it came so close to the house, but after watching Finding Bigfoot I learned that they don't like to leave tracks, and where the water came off the roof there was no snow, but up higher in the yard there was still snow. I don't remember looking that good for tracks then, just around the house, too bad I didn't have the knowledge I have today, but at least I seen it. I feel pretty lucky to have seen what I have seen, but I don't know if luck has anything to do with it when you live in Grahn! I think we are surrounded by them.”

Here is a general map of Grahn,KY
-End Report 2 -

Thanks goes to Tabatha for sharing the reports. Over the years Carter county has been an active bigfoot sighting area and it appears it is continuing. Anyone with sightings from that area or anywhere should feel free to contact us.


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