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Friday, 29 November 2013

Ridge Watcher Bigfoot

Ridge Watcher Bigfoot – Thermal Video & Photos


When it comes to gathering evidence of the existence of Bigfoot – few pieces of evidence are as convincing as stable FLIR thermal footage. That footage is vastly more credible when it originates from the Olympic Project in Washington State. The team heard what sounded like a faint knocking sound at 11:00-11:15 pm and immediately began looking that direction with the thermal camera. That is when they saw what would be known as The Ridge Watcher Bigfoot.

photo enhancement by Paul Willison
On October 30, 2013, Derek Randles and the Olympic Project with Sara, Jon, and Ben Brown captured what could be the most legitimate thermal footage to date. A large figure’s heat signature is visible from a distance of 117 feet on the other side of a steep ridge. Enhancements to the footage reveal what could be actual facial features. The eye sockets, nose, mouth, and ears are detectable as well as the large muscle groups of the upper torso.
During portions of the footage it appears to turn it’s head and look in a different direction. A cow is visible walking into frame from just 15 feet away – giving a sense of distance and size for the Bigfoot on the ridge.
What is equally impressive is what they discovered the following morning at daylight. On the soil, where the ridge watcher stood, they discovered a set of visible tracks that measured an astonishing 16.5 inches long. Next to one of the tracks was a ridge that appeared to be a knuckle print – indicating that it may have crept up to the ridge on all fours. The footprints all measured the same length and had a stride of 4 feet in a Left – Right pattern indicative of bipedal standing.

The team has released, with express permission to Team-BIG, several exclusive photos of the recreation, size comparisons, and track that was eventually plaster cast. The images below show a daytime image of where the footage was captured – along with an overlay to illustrate the distance and perspective you are seeing in the FLIR images.
On November 26, 2013 several of the teams photos and original raw thermal footage were provided to Carl Olinselot (Team-BIG) for video and photo editing and enhancement. The video below is the result:

To find out more visit The Olympic Project for details. All images and videos are under copyright protection and were used under exclusive privilege by the rightful owners for use in this article.

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One Response to Ridge Watcher Bigfoot – Thermal Video & Photos

  1. Dan22 says:

    That thing is Huge!,Look at the size compared to the cow and the cow is probably 20 yds in front of it.the pecks are unbelievable, That Bigfooter could walk on any NFL team and name his price :)
[-This article is reproduced under the terms of fair use, being reproduced for  educational and informational purposes on a Not-for-Profit site. YouTube videos are provided under a creative common license. The exact Fair Use provision covering this situation is as cited below and is reproduced on every  single page of this blog

From this thermal image I did a series of comparisons to various possible candidates, results as shown below:

This matches up the distance between the eyes and length of the face to the skull of a robust Australopithecine. The skull fails miserably to match the head in all other respects.

This comparison uses Grover Krantz's reconstructed skull for Gigantopithecus
Two more comparisons follow
This is basically the same problem over again

      After several attempts at different candidates I found one really good match out of the control group and that was with the face of a bear. The placement of the eyes, nose and mouth matches exactly. And at that point it also looks like the slope of the shoulders and the way the right paw is held up is also a good match for the bear.  There are reasons why the ears might not show-for one thing we are definitely not looking at a clear shot of something taken in broad daylight but by a trailcam that obviously is not showing everything that is already there.  

So at this time I'll opt for the bear as the best fit. It was not what I was looking for but there it is. This also has no direct connection to the tracks and the association could be accidental. Or they could be bear tracks, Im not the one determining that part and I make no judgements on the tracks.

Jay Cooney's site Bizzare Zoology covers this story at:

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