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Monday, 25 November 2013

Mount Rainier Sasquatch

 This track was found yesterday morning on Mount Rainier and posted to Facebook by Jeff Stillman. The tracks are about 15-16 inches long and 6 or 7 inches wide, and they look to be the classic Sasquatch type. There are deer tracks also and the Sasquatch may have been stalking the deer. Jeff latrer added more comments, including the background:
Jeff Stillman Just the two tracks in separate patches of snow below the tree line.
I need to point out this is my friends photo to all those of you who are saying very kind things to me. You're a great bunch, that's why I joined this site. You take this subject
very seriously.
I should tell you a little about my friend and I. We're amateur enthusiasts at best. We live in Puyallup Wa and Bigfoot sightings were pretty common here in the 70's including the famous audio recording. I had my only sighting when I was a scout back in 74. It was daylight. It was in a tree directly overhead and shook it violently. Not the best profile and I thought it was a bear until I noticed the feet and long arms and hands. I knew right then I was seeing what the local news had been reporting as Bigfoot. I screamed and ran like a little girl. To this day I am positive I saw a juvenile Sasquatch and not a bear or porcupine. And monkeys don't get that big around here so rule that straight out.
My friend had his sighting while camping with his wife (then girlfriend) ten years later than I in 84 and not more than 2 miles away from my sighting. His sighting was a brightly moonlit night. He got out of his tent to pee. He saw two Sasquatch, one adult and one juvenile. They weren't more than 20 yards away standing just outside of tree line to the clearing they pitched their tent in. They just stood there swaying back and forth then started walking unthreatening into the clearing. He shouted "Hey!" which made his wife stick her head out of the tent and she saw to. When he yelled they just veered off at a sharper angle across the meadow not even picking up speed then entered the opposite tree line and vanished almost silently.
Since then we have been bit by the bug and have always wanted another opportunity to see them while we're adults and hopefully can remain calm this time.
We camp and hike very often and since those sightings we've been paralleled on trails. Had pinecones thrown at us horizontally from outside of our campfire light. Heard many tree knocks with replies and heard whoops on one occasion. Puyallup is far too populated these days so we head to the Cascade Mountains.
Like I said we're amateur's at best. Not out to kill or hoax, just want another sighting that hopefully we can document and have some closure.
My friend isn't into the fb thing as much as I am so I shared his photo here where it should be for others who have more knowledge than we do can analyze it and make comments.
I also found tracks this year over Memorial Day weekend at Rimrock which I'll include. The ones I found were not in snow and not as impressive as my friends but one was smaller than my hand and both were found near high branch weaving.
It's been a good year for us. We've waited all these years to find a print and we hope someday we'll be able to have a sighting again to.
It's nice to be able to share this where people don't call us nuts.
Thanks again for the kind comments.
Jeff Stillman's photo.
Another track, on the ground not covered by snow and along with the others

Gigantopithecus-Sasquatch (see Teeth)

Possible Recent Photograph of the type
(Currently checking up on this photo)


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