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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Yeti Portrait

Jay Michael Cooney commented on this illustration in a Facebook discussion group, saying it was a good representation of the Yeti. Indeed it looks very much like the descriptions given of the Yeti, but it shows the Little Yeti (Heuvelmans' le Petit Yeti) at the size of the larger Yeti (le Grand Yeti).
 It also does bear a good resemblance to my own reconstruction artwork, although in a more finished final piece of art. Once again, the name "Yeti" is completely vague and nondeterminative, and might be equally well applied to any number of unrelated things.


  1. Brownie points for not making it white

  2. Tch Tch, Richard ! as a matter of fact, Jay said about the same thing 'At least it isn't white'. And so I had to tell him just as I now have to tell you: Eberhart in Mysterious Creatures under the heading of Yeren states that reports from Tibet say that it is white. Yeti and Yeren can be considered the same thing and Heuvelmans for one equates the two. There are definitely white-haired reports from Tibet. These seem to be in the same category as the White Sasquatches, and the normal colouration is stated as some shade of grey in other traditions from Tibet. The lightest shade of grey is called white, next darker to that is called grizzled or silvery. And I have already mentioned to you before that white reports for the Himalayan Abominable Snowman run back to the 1930s.


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