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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Argentinian+ Chilean NeoDinosaur, South American Apes + Chupabats

As recounted in a number of media articles from 2004, several different motorists driving along the main road linking Iquique and Arica, through the Atacama Desert, have reported witnessing an extraordinary bipedal creature over 6 ft tall[or long], with sharp teeth and three-toed footprints, which has been variously likened to a velociraptor or even a ‘dinosaur kangaroo’
In the words of one eyewitness, Hernan Cuevas: “A weird animal looking like a dinosaur with two legs and huge thighs crossed the road in front of my car”. Not surprisingly, the local authorities were, and remain, very puzzled.
This has also been called the local type of Chupacabras, elsewhere also compared to a reptilian kangaroo or a small dinosaur. The three-toed tracks incidentally turned out to be condor (vulture) tracks upon investigation in one specific instance. So we really don't have a good idea what the tracks of the reptilian creature are like.

Condor or Vulture tracks reported as "Chupacabras"
One of the 2002 press releases said that Cupacabras from the Atacama desert was "Los 'chupacabras' capturados medirían un metro y 20 centímetros de estatura, tendrían piernas de velocirraptor, su desplazamiento sería en zig-zag, contaría con rasgos humanoides en el rostro y su cuerpo se asemejaría a un mandril".[The captured Chupacabras stands 48 inches tall and has the hind legs like a Velociraptor, it runs a zigzag path, has humanoid features of the body (the arms?) and a face like a mandrill (Baboon-which is to say something like a dogs head but uglier)] NASA has denied any involvement and the event has been taken to be a hoax but based on descriptions of reports coming out of the area: so the overall description is probably close enough, but we need not insist on such details as the creatures' face resembling that of a mandrill.
The initial, uncirculated reports of the "Mountain Boomers" in the Southwest and Texas compared the creature's size and shape to this Charles R Knight reconstruction of an "Ornitholestes"

At the same time, reports of other creatures also being called Chupacabras are continuing in the area. There was and is a general confusion between the types.

More Chilean News items from the early 2000s:
• Chupacabra Eggs Found? Witnesses in Chile continued to come forward last
week with more about the reputed clash between Chilean Army troops and three
Chupacabras on or about May 9. Two witnesses claimed that the Chilean troops
returned with large eggs, which they reportedly obtained from a "nest" in
the Atacama Desert, not far from the Radomiro Tomic mine. According to the
newspaper La Cuarta, "Three specimens of Chupacabra, mythical creatures of
apelike characteristics who drink animal blood, were captured in northern
Chile by an expedition spearheaded by NASA and were taken back to the United
States, according to researchers of the subject. The president of the
Ovalvision Chile research group, Cristian Riffo, told La Cuarta that the
creatures were the result of genetic research by NASA using terrestrial
creatures and space entities. Several of the hybrid creatures escaped from a
secret base and propagated themselves in the southern United States, Mexico
and Puerto Rico where they were given the name Chupacabras. Riffo maintains
that in the Chilean case, the Chupacabras fled from the Atacama Desert where
where the U.S. agency is trying to replicate the conditions of a voyage to
the planet Mars. Chupacabra news is coming fast and furious from Chile. The
latest items include the following:

Between June 12 and June 15(2000?), residents of Maria Elena, a farm community 140
kilometers (84 miles) west of Calama, found mysterious clawed footprints in
the fields. "Identical to the footprints found at the (Radomiro Tomic) mine"
at the time of the reported capture, said radio talk show host Pablo
Aguilera, with the prints "highlighting their large shape and the sharpness
of the claws."

The newspaper Diario La Estrella reported, "Guards of a security company in
the sector claim to have witnessed a strange entity on the prowl, and while
they were unable to see it entirely, stated that it moved at considerable

An area resident, Miguel O., claimed that his nephew, who is in the Chilean
Army, was on guard duty at the Radomiro Tomic mine and saw one of the
creatures. "Between May 9 and May 11," Miguel O. said, his nephew "while
standing guard with his regiment, he had a chance to see a specimen of the
so-called Chupacabras and immediately called his superior. The strange
creature took prodigious leaps and bounds and, at one point, gave the
impression of floating on the air. He described it as 1.2 meters tall,
half-hairy and hunched over
 [This is perhaps the monkey or ape creature. The subsequently found eggs might not have been laid by the "Chupas" I this case, the creatures could have been gathering them up and eating them-DD]
" After gearing up, an army patrol went out into
the desert, Miguel said. "The most surprising thing is that the patrol
returned with several ‘eggs' found at the location where the creatures were
taken by surprise. He added that the patrol managed to kill two and capture
one, that the creatures were subsequently removed by NASA personnel from the
area." Commenting on Miguel O.'s statement, Pablo Aguilera, host of Radio
Pudahuel's morning show, said, "The hole discovered in the area could well
be a ‘nest' the creature was making to deposit its young." [Source: UFO
Roundup by Joseph Trainor]

• Chupacabras Go on the Rampage in Chile. Less than three weeks after the
reported capture of three Chupacabras at the Radomiro Tomic mine nea Calama,
a new wave of Chupacabra incidents swept Chile. On June 4, 2000, during the
early morning hours, a Chupacabra slaughtered 14 chickens in a backyard in
Talcahuano, a port city five miles north of Concepcion, which was the site
of many Chuapcabra incidents during May. On June 7 at 4 a.m., another
Chupacabra attack took place in Concepcion while Julio Reyes and his wife,
Carmen Andrade, were still asleep. They suddenly heard a loud noise coming
from their home's backyard. "The light outside the henhouse was on," Carmen
said. "I saw the monster flapping his [bat?] wings fiercely while the hens were
crowing - something they never do at this time. That's when I saw the white
one running toward the back. Bobby [the family's terrier watchdog] came out
to take a look, but when he saw the back gate, through which the hens had
fled, he refused to follow and remained standing still." Around 7 a.m., the
couple discovered what had transpired. Their three hens and one rooster were
found dead, completely torn to shreds, as if they had been ripped open at
the chest cavity and scattered in a 33-foot radius. On June 9, at 11:45
a.m., a caller to Chile's Radio Pudahuel reported a recent Chupacabra attack
in the city of Antofagasta. Accordiung to the caller, he was asleep in his
bedroom, and the cat started making noises, waking him up. That's when they
saw the alleged Chupacabra. He says that when it saw them, the creature took
off at high speed. He says it destroyed their car and it killed the cat.
Afterward, the witness reportedly found deep scratches, "made by its claws,"
in the doors and fenders of his car. [Source: UFO Roundup by Joseph Trainor]

The claims continued and continued to grow more elaborate:
Excellent report. At the time I saw him completely. Today it is amazing of course see it again. Among the many theories I have similar data, but other sobering, to see if you can be of help, or more of the same. they metabolize the blood, that is these entities that consume the blood of animals. Like any predator draw their nutrients from there. 's kind of experimental animal, alien, of course, I agree that are made ​​by grises. Para that to see how human beings react to an ecological catastrophe, indicate some theories. weight these bugs, 55 kgs., height 1.20, color greyish, short coat volume, round head with 3 bump on the forehead, ears cat has legs or limbs with 3 fingers. Displacement: Advance of 8-10 meters. Every 10 meters, leaves a mark, I mean get jumps of 10 meters high, big eyes, small nose, no tail, hearing like a small dog. Arms like monkeys. Low frequency hearing, humanoid type figure as a mandrill, 3 fingers (plus thumb?) prehensile, intelligence of a child of seven years, fear of man, lemur vision, supports 18-degree cold, and up to 40 (Centigrade) degree heat, (Heavy fur) protection in their back, is hybrid, lives in trees, foliage or in caves in semi warm, defecates like sheep, your urine is strong as ammonia, in open ground reaches 60 kilometers per hour, has morph every two years, changes its structure, grows wings [the description has shifted to the bat reports], can fly. were paired, there are males and females, with adult males will grow three horns, works as rodent is active at night, it communicates with its space(?) for Low Power-frequency. As they arrived, there are theories that indicate that gray craft, which landed once in the Gran Chaco, Argentina, hence is north of chile despazaron were four ships, in the eyes of the salty, the other near Pucon, the other in ice fields and the last in the area of the Torres del Paine. And this part may sound fantastic but can not be ruled. Each ship brought 100 of these entities experimentation, leaving it in a systematic way along chile. There other theories that suggest that they are an experiment to see how the gray man(Alien) reacts to invasion a larger scale, this can be much but could not be excluded. During the year 2009-2010, could appear again. emit a low- utiizan frequency, which only animals and listen to paralyze or numb because instill fear. Some define it as an "biological entity extraterrestrial genetic hybrid" EGBEH. They are outsiders, not land, not man-made, are manufactured by the grays, like, well, abduct animals, they take, the cross, and the breed as a genetic hybrid form. This information is extracted from a conversation that once took place in a radio station in Santiago, and I can not remember someone did get me for years, do not know if it's true or not, but I think by now beside the point, what strikes me attention, at least those who study these topics are the small details.

Tocopilla, Chile. Date: June 18 of 2000. 12:00 AM.
Source: Miami UFO Center © 2006
The Eyewitnesses (Who preferred not to be identified by name but were interviewed on tape) were on the beach having a party (a cookout I presume) said the creature had long dark furry hair, long arms with hands below the knees, big round eyes, with a long snout and mouth shaped like an animal muzzle. The creature approached one of them making several guttural sounds, as if it was trying to communicate with the young man.(begging for food?) Moments later, it placed its right hand on the young man's left shoulder, leaving a green stain on his sweater, which they described as the same color as marine algae. The Bigfoot-like creature soon left, as it disappeared into the dark. (I do not find any UFO mentioned in the original report, presumably the artist just added that in)
In this case the "Bigfoot" bears a strong resemblance to the De Loys Ape in outline. 
Chilean Villagers Describe An Alleged Capture Of A Chupacabras
Source: Ovnivision Chile. Bulletin dated January 26, 2011     
Chilean law enforcement agencies have conducted an apparent successful operation to capture the legendary chupacabras creature in the small village of Huasco, Third Region of Chile.
Due to the constant animal deaths in the area, the community of Huasco had been very worried. Recent attacks on domestic animals have created panic and fear among local residents. Numerous reports of these attacks have prompted Customs officers of the area to conduct special operations in an effort to capture the so-called chupacabras. The purpose of the operation was to avoid new animal slaughters.
According to several eyewitnesses, police and customs officers were seen conducting searches and chasing an animal that was finally captured in a cave. "Local residents heard gunshots during the intense pursuit in the nearby village of O,Higgins, said Darwin Godoy, a local ufo and "chupacabras investigator.
Finally, the group of officers finished their search in a local cave, where they captured what appeared to be a strange giant bat. "According to descriptions, the creature was about 80 centimeters in height and it had a wingspan of approximately 1.7 meters, said Godoy. [ About 32 inches long with a wingspan of 5'8" which makes a good estimate for the Chupabat or Chonchon. The body of such a bat is a rounded mass perhaps a foot long.] 
The cave where the alleged capture took place is located near the thermoelectric power plant of Guacolda, just south of Huasco. Several of the eyewitnesses were employees of the electric power plant. Residents that live nearby the local cemetery also witnessed the operative.
Translation by Mario Andrade
Special thanks to Rodrigo Cuadra from T.O.C. Online Magazine

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