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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Crypto Crew: Is This a Dead Yowie?

Is this a Dead Yowie?

Is this a photo of a dead yowie? I know this has been around a little while but I have not seen much said about it.
Here is about all I know about it

"Bigfoot found dead by Australian bush walker Jeff Watson he has released 1 of 5 photos taken "

Now is this big pile of hair a Yowie? I would guess it's not. If I remember correctly this was first posted on the bigfoot forums. I think this was first around in 2009 but not sure.

Pretty interesting ....would like to know for sure what it really is.


This could be just about anything since all it looks like is a wad of raggedy hair. HOWEVER one creature which naturally has the look of a wad of raggedy hair is the orangutan. See Royalty-free stock image below:

Some Orangutans do have rather that yellowy-brown colouring, or it could be somewhat bleached out by the sun after death. And it seems as if you can see the long arm of an orangutan with the hand balled into a fist at the front of this photo, and possibly the head slumped over at right on top obscured by hair, presuming it is still in a seated position.

This is only one suggestion and any other suggestions are welcome.
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Best Wishes, Dale D.


  1. Looks intriguing at first, but I think it is much more likely some kind of domestic ungulate. Could be some breed of horse or maybe even the scraggly body of a Scottish Highland cow. Unless it's just pixelations which I am seeing, it almost looks like a nose and teeth on the object which extends to the front and right. I'll do some comparisons when I have time. The biggest indicator of it not being a yowie, in my opinion, is the fact that the bush walker stopped to take photographs but didn't take samples.

  2. Since you have no idea what the circumstances were in this case, I would say your conclusion was highly presumptuous at the very least. Things do not always go quite the way you'd expect them to. However I thought myself it could be a very wooly horse or cow: the anatomy does not seem right for that conclusion, either.

  3. If you look at what might be a leg, it has fingers not toes. I think this IS a dead or sleeping male orangutan with facial flanges, head tilted downward. Just one opinion.

  4. It's obviously a Wookie.

  5. Definitely a mystery. At first I thought it looked like the head and neck of a really hairy camel, lol. Nothing ever happened with the other 4 photos? Did the guy ever poke it with a stick to try and re-position it for a better view?

  6. Let's see. Does it have an identifiable head? No. Arms? No. Legs? No. Is anything visible except for "hair"? Not really. Is it clearly shaped more like a primate than a really bad toupee for a giant? No.

    There's no telling what it is, but it could maybe generate some publicity if the right people kept it in a Georgia freezer.

  7. You are right, there is nothing really definite there. But it does have a "could be" head and a "Could be" arm, and Mr P above says he sees a leg and foot with toes. So it "Could be" something identifiable but for the most part it isn't. And thankfully the Australians have not taken to stuffing freezers with old rags and calling it Bigfoot-not yey, anyway.

  8. This is an adult male orangutan, sitting on the ground, whose hair is simply more blonde than the usual red and auburn shades of most orangs. This shot angle of this big guy appears to be shading his facial phlangs, the large wide cheek-pads that male orangs develop when they are at peak fertility.
    Meet "Azy" an adult male blonde orang at The Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa. He now resides at The Indianapolis Zoo.
    Here is an assortment of photos of adult male orangs.

    Vid showing a back and side view of the blond adult male orang "Towan", Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

    Wildlife conservationist Lone Drøscher Nielsen interacts with Hercules, a rescued Orangutan who roams one of the river islands near Lone's Nyaru Mentang Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.

    1. Thank you for the additional information. We do seem to have independent evidence of Orangutans running wild in Australia, including tracks, and the general feeling is that they were introduced by illegal animal traders from Borneo with the idea that they could be moved about from the Australian base more easily than they would be from Indonesia, where the authorities would be more on the lookout for them. Another place where such reports original is New Guinea, and this scenario is even more likely there. We have posted evidence from both areas on this blog before


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