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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Scott Mardis Documents On Loch Ness Monster Flipper Photos Controversy Part 1

Papers arranged by Scott Mardis and sent to me on pdf file. I have chosen not to reprint everything for various reasons, in part because some of the documents were hard to read, however since the articles repeat the same points in rebuttal, I don't think anything is really missing, save perhaps some egotistical posturing in some of the presentations.

 Loch Ness Monster Flipper photograph 1

 The original unmodified photo. The object (whatever it is) is still plainly visible and still shows the lighter coloured streak down its middle or "Spine". The difference between this and the "Enhanced" version is that there is less range in contrast between the grey halftones and the image is harder to decipher.

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