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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mark Para Bigfoot Photo Via Facebook

My Facebook Friend Mark Parra just sent notice of one of his Bigfoot photos .

Mark Parra: Here is the baby from the plum creek expedition..a totally different style of look, a more classic neanderthal man look with the typical heavy brow ridge features versus the wild looking darker cave dwellers in castlerock (Colorado)..a more classic look prevails it seems in this group.

Kim Bradbury Semmel is it's back to you? cause it looks like several faces look out from the nest? but a smaller one with it's back facing the camera?
Mark Parra No..thats his little tsn face. He has the classic buzzcut hairline and high centered ears. Auburn hair.
Mark Parra The set of stills is in the album in my albums..
Dale Drinnon: Auburn Juvenile sounds reasonable and matches others. Is it OK if I run this on my blog and who should get the credit?
Mark Parra Of course know I aint shy, I can take the heat and always have the video to accompany the stills...
Dale Drinnon And yes Id say you have an obvious clear photo of a little family group there

Mark did check back later and he says all of the dark objects in the center of the photo were gone when he returned and so they were not stumps or anything. In this case one thing that is interesting is that the smaller one in the foreground is clearly separated from two larger ones nearest to it by a branch that is lying horizontally between them. The photo is blurry because of the distance and the enlargement involved, and there is also tall grass between the camera and the dark targets. So it looks like we do have a family portrait of a bunch of Neanderthaloid Bigfoots here, which is unfortunately blurry like so many others. Id like to add that it is purely a problem in focusing and reproduction that makes these photos blurry, and nothing unusual or supernatural about the creatures. They are naturally fuzzy, that's all. The camera has problems with dealing with that, along with an unknown range and undefined reflectivity. Most digital cameras these days cannot deal with finding the focus on a Bigfoot with a fuzzy surface at an indefinite distance.

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