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Thursday, 20 June 2013

8 Foot Bigfoot Like Creature Caught on Trailcam in Mossyrock, WA

8 Foot Bigfoot Like Creature Caught on Trailcam in Mossyrock, WA

Editors Notes - I was contacted by a listener of my radio show Bigfoot Tonight show who knew a man from Mossyrock, Washington who had captured an image on his trailcam after hearing loud screams that they couldn’t identify. He setup a game camera in hopes of capturing an image of whatever was creating these amazing screams. So far all I know is the backstory which came with the image. I’m currently trying to get the actual owner of the property to come on the radio show to discuss the image and the happenings on his property. I have included the original picture and another with contrast enhanced. Still images are not very good evidence these days but hopefully more information can be secured to back up this image.

Original Email

A friend showed up to my house to share a photo his friend sent him earlier today. This picture was taken via trail cam, on his friends property in Mossyrock, WA.
Because of the angle of the camera, he estimates it to be at least 7-8 feet tall. This  is a camera phone picture of a printed out copy, these are just your average country boys, so they don’t know how to send the picture from their computer to their phone.
it is the most compelling image I’ve seen yet, and my source isn’t some kid or some guy, he’s your average Joe, a construction worker. He’s got better things to do than drive half an hour to my mom’s house to show us a fake picture of bigfoot. (he drove cause he doesnt know how to send pictures)

The backstory on the trail cam, is the guy who showed me had been down at his friends house in mossyrock, out in the backwoods of his property, DEEP in the woods, and they had heard a screaming/howling noise that they could not say was a cougar or coyote, bear, etc.. They wanted to figure out what it was. So they set up motion sensitive trail cameras to capture it. And upon checking them this morning, this is what he found.
It’s an amazing photo, it makes every other image I’ve seen look laughable in comparison. I get really pissed when people try to argue it’s authenticity.. These guys didnt even know how to send the picture from their computer to their phone, they dont know what photoshop is.
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  14 Responses to “8 Foot Bigfoot Like Creature Caught on Trailcam in Mossyrock, WA”

  1. I’ll keep an open mind, but my gut feeling is you’re being hoaxed. That picture is *too* good

  2. Two things that stand out in this photo. The size of the ear and the profile of the face which resembles a baboon.

  3. If this is a photo of a live creature it looks massive.

  4. Well,dont know about the authenticity but if it is a real squatch…it is a MONSTER! Tread careful Chuck but you always stay open-minded and I appreciate that as I am probably a bit too skeptical at times. Interesting pic to say the least.

  5. If its real, its a “dumb squatch” to be caught out in the open like that.

  6. Looks like a baby looking at the cameraon the neck of a bigger creature. That’s just what I see.

    • Anon, that’s exactly what I see now that you mentioned it! It’s clearly a younger squatch on the back of a bigger adult. And the younger one is turning it’s head toward the camera. Maybe not on purpose but for some reason. It’s definitely 2 of them though!
  7. Best picture in a long time. But – NO BODY NO BIGFOOT. Set up a land mine and hope no human finds it first. Don’t call dumb $#@* Rick Dyer. Credibility is everything.
  8. We know virtually nothing about sasquatch. We can’t even prove they exist, now I know photographs are easily hoaxed but to say that when we finally do get one to walk in front of a trailcam and the picture is sharp clear image but we reject it because of that that’s insanity pure insanity !
  9. Something very odd about the body. And yes, it looks similar to a baboons face

  10. ANON SQUATCH has an interesting thought. In what this actually is. A baby squatch being carried by its parent. Looking at the pic after I read his post, made me think that he has a good point.
  11. IMHO a juvenile on the back of an adult. Would be clearer on original photo.

  12. it kind of looks like somebody has taken a picture of patty and photoshopped a baby baboon onto its back. it is definitely another fake like the rick dyer hank squatch
  13. just a thought but maybe all bigfoots don’t look a like just like us we all look different. I know this doesn’t look like what I saw. What I saw looked more human guess the best way to describe is a face similar to a cave man..
  14. [Connie has clearly seen a different type of creature I call the American Almas or Eastern Bigfoot, which has an overall more human look and is often described as looking like a "Cave man"-It also seems to have a more human domed skull and leaves a Neanderthal type of footprint-DD]
    I’d want to see the original picture, from the camera and want to know the make and model of the camera. Did it record it on an SD card or internal memory. Field of View, settings on the camera, etc.
    I have a trail cam and I know they are all different, but most operate in the same manor and the pictures are usually very good. A lot could be determined from the camera itself.
    This picture for example does look like it was taken by a cell phone based on it’s dimensions? Narrow and tall. A trail cam take a normally proportioned size picture. Wider than it is tall.
This was followed by a posting on Bigfoot Evidence this morning:

Calm Down People: This Isn't a Real Bigfoot!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our friend Chuck Prahl received a photograph yesterday from a listen who claimed to have captured an 8 ft tall Bigfoot on trail camera. The man from Mossyrock, WA swears it's real. Well -- We will just tell you right now that it's not real. It's a cropped image of a Bigfoot creature from a hearing aid advertisement. ...

[So it's only another hoax an not a very clever one. Texasbeliever  above probably had the best reason for thinking something was not right with this scenario.- DD.]

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