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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Recent species of "Chameleon" Snake Formerly Unknown to Science

#Kapuas Mud #Snake | #Enhydris gyii

2005. A new species of Enhydris (#Serpentes: #Colubridae: Homalopsinae) from the Kapuas River System, West Kalimantan, Indonesia...

  Murphy, J.C.; H.K. Voris & Auliya, M. 2005.
Raffels Bulletin of Zoology. 53 (2): 271-275

‘Chameleon' snake can turn white in minutes
A new species of snake capable of rapidly changing colour has been discovered deep in the forests of Borneo. Two specimens of the Kapuas mud snake (Enhydris gyii) were discovered in the swampy forests of Indonesia's Betung Kerihun National Park.

The half-metre-long venomous snake is normally brown with an iridescent sheen, but can turn white. It is not yet known whether the snake can become other colours too, or what exactly causes the change.

Like all Homalopsinae, the 30 inches (76 cm) long snake is mildly venomous (rear-fanged) and viviparous.  30 inches is not half a meter, it is more like 3/4 of a meter.

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