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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Black Indri on Shuker Nature Blog

A little while back I published a review of Cryptid lemurs on Madagascar and mentioned the black Indri in passing. I included this illustration:

Black indri, SG Goodrich, The Animal Kingdom Illustrated, AJ Johnson & Co, NY, 1885, p119

And today I find that Karl Shuker has published a new article on the topic (Beginning with the same illustration) indicating that we still have black indris and they are only a colour phase of the common indri. If it is only a darker colouration but the same species, well then of course it cannot be considered a Cryptid. In future references I shall remove the black indri from my list.
Interested readers should go to Karl Shuker's blog to read the extended article:

And yes, I own a copy of the Goodrich book.

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