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Friday, 2 August 2013

Rainbow Serpent, Naga, Plesiosaur


Badger Bates
Ngatyi (Rainbow Serpent)
Embracing Plesiosaur

25 x 37cm
©Badger Bates

In this linoprint the plesiosaur is the past, and the Ngatyi is the future. The Ngatyi went through the area and laid around at White Cliffs where they found a plesiosaur made out of opal. To us Paakantyi people the Plesiosaur is the same as the Ngatyi, you should leave it alone. We were told that opal was left by the Ngatyi and that it is sacred. I know today that opal is valuable, but if us Paakantyi people went to Scotland and seen the Loch Ness monster we’d say it is a Ngatyi and we would respect it and leave it alone. There must have been a lot of weed and lot of food when the plesiosaur was swimming around, but if you look up the top where the Ngatyi swims with the flow of the water, that’s today. But the water is disappearing and the Ngatyi and the Paakantyi people are very broken hearted. Ngatyi blew the rainbow over the top of the sun. When the two heads come together in the print, that stands for reconciliation, as the past and the present and the future all come together

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