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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Further Analysis of the Rines Underwater Flipper and Neck Photos at Loch Ness

Since I had posted material in support of the 1975 AAAP underwater Flipper and Neck photos taken at Loch Ness recently, I thought I should reprint this following analysis voicing a second opinion. This was previously published along with some "Surviving Pterosaur" material and I shall go into the second part of that material separately at some future time-DD. 

Dr. Robert Rines:
Dr. Robert Rines asked me (Clifford Paiva) to apply some image processing to the 1975 frame of the animal caught on Dr. Edgerton's submerged strobe camera.
The results of that analysis revealed an Elasmosaur type animal reacting (see the bubble "wake" frames) to the strong flash. Reflection is seen off of the animal and in the surrounding medium.

[NB I also do not insist on an Elasmosaurian identity of the Loch Ness Monster but rather from a different family anatomically different from the Elasmosaurs in several controversial points]

[In other words at the very least there is a length of neck in the "gap" area that physically connects the visible head and neck parts and which is clearly differentiated from the water, and is setting up discernible waves in the water itself which are noticed and indicated.-DD]

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