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Monday, 26 November 2012

Scott Mardis on Champ=Plesiosaur #3

Scott Mardis' earlier comparison of The Moha-Moha to a Plesiosaur wuth theoretical tailfin.

                Another turtleheaded seamonster, the Valhalla SS, this time with a 2-humped back.

                    The turtle-like seamonsters are compared to the Jenkins Nessie sighting (Inset)

Soay_Beast_by_Pristichampsus-Modified by DD. Scott Mardis wanted the Witness' drawing and this is the best I could come up with at the time. Sort of like a smaller edition of the Valhalla SS.
Recent Nessie at UL, O'Connor Nessie photo at LL: Plesiosaurs swimming
 like sea turtles UR and Lake Champlain monster video  bottom and Left.

In this case the swimming monsters are compared to actual swimming Leatherback turtles (UR)
One of those Comparisons I thought might be interesting. If both photos are valid, then the jawline, blunted nose and position of the eye socket are comparable. That is, IF the photos can be trusted
I have frequently said that it is not helpful to think of a Plesiosaur as a "Dinosaur" or  "Monster", it is more like a shelless big turtle with teeth. Thinking of it as a turtle is much more valuable in assessing its physiology, habits, tolerances and diet. Also, it seems, how they swim, in particular all these photo tht seem to show how they swim at the surface. I would further suggest this is good evidence for the same sort of creature to be in both Loch Ness and Lake Champlain, probably also Lake Nahuel Huapi (Patagonian Plesiosaurs) and in the seas world-wide but noting especially off of Scotland, South America, and Australia (&New Zealand) Where they are also on occasion compared to big sea turtles

"Serpopards" in Africa and later into Asia>Europe
Seem to have been a separate category originally but later identified as Longneckers

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